Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philosophy
(about teaching philosophy)

Kate Moran, Associate Professor of Philosophy, explores the tension between helping students realize that they, too, can be a part of an ongoing discussion among philosophers — while also wanting students to realize that philosophy takes a lot of work, and it can sometimes be difficult, confusing and frustrating. This type of tension appears in disciplines across the University.

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Winterize Your Course

There are still storms to be had this winter, so prepare for them - Winterize Your Course!
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Classroom Discussions Post-Election

Teaching after the election. The University of Michigan outlines helpful strategies.

Teaching and Testing Analysis Skills

Teaching and Testing Analysis Skills

Carol Osler, Professor of Finance in the Brandeis International Business School, describes how she teaches analytical skills and creates tests that allow her students to best demonstrate these skills.

Charles Golden

Learning to Teach: Isolation, Communication, and Pedagogy

Charles Golden, Associate Professor of Anthropology, highlights the challenges facing faculty in learning how to teach. 

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James Morris

A Prescription for Better Teaching, Stronger Doctors

James Morris, Department of Biology, reflects on what he "learned in medical school and how it translates to, or doesn't translate, to teaching."

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Spotlight of the Month

Watch the welcome video from the Center Director Dan Perlman.

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Teaching Innovation Showcase

Join us on Thursday, May 4 for the Teaching Innovation Showcase! If you'll be joining us for lunch, please RSVP here

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