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The Churchill Scholarship is worth between $44,000 and $50,000.  It covers all University and College tuition and fees - currently about $25,000.  Visit the foundation's web site to learn more...

The Winston Churchill Foundation

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Winston Churchill

U.S. citizens who have excelled in Engineering, Mathematics, and the Sciences (including computer science). Successful applicants in the past have had a GPA of 3.8 and higher.

Eligibility Limitations:
You must be between 19 and 26 years of age and hold a bachelor's degree at the beginning of the academic year for which the scholarship is granted. Brandeis University is only able to nominate 2 students.

The University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England.

Nine to twelve months, depending on the field. 

Application Requirements:

A specific plan of study.  A personal statement. GRE or MCAT scores required. 4 letters of reference and the institutional endorsement.

Campus Deadline:
September 17, 2019

Campus Interviews:
October 2019

Final Deadline:
October 31, 2019

You will know whether Brandeis University will endorse your application shortly after the campus interview. The Churchill Foundation notifies Finalists during the first week of January and announces the winners no later than the end of January.

Who applies nationwide?
The Churchill competition is by institutional invitation only, which means that the applicant pool is highly selective even before the process begins. Approximately 103 schools may nominate 2 candidates each. There are usually 80-100 applications per year. Fourteen Churchill scholars are selected.

E-mail:  info@winstonchurchillfoundation.org
Phone: (212) 752-3200

Recent Brandeis University Winners:
Congratulations to Daniel Abadi '02, and Arwen Long '01, Brandeis University's Churchill award winners.