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Want to learn more about the Schiff Undergraduate Fellows Program and the Undergraduate Research Fund? Contact the Office of Academic Services for an appointment by emailing fellowships@brandeis.edu.

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Jerome A. Schiff Undergraduate Fellows Program

Somdeb Banerjee '17, Connor Wahrman '17, and Michelle Sisti '17

Somdeb Banerjee '17, Connor Wahrman '17, and Michelle Sisti '17 Photo credit: Stacey Winkler

Irene Wong '17 and Professor Suzanne Paradis

Irene Wong '17 and Professor Suzanne Paradis Photo credit: Stacey Winkler

Who: Brandeis University sophomores, juniors or seniors together with a faculty sponsor apply to perform an innovative research or pedagogical project. For inspiration, check out a list of the current Schiff Fellows, their Faculty Mentors, and their projects.

Eligibility Limitations:
Schiff Fellows generally apply as sophomores or juniors. First year students may apply, but must have strong support from their proposed mentor.

Amount of Award:

$2,000 stipend for each Schiff Fellow (non-US citizens are subject to special tax deductions). Each Faculty Mentor also receives a stipend of $500 towards his or her own research.


The project should span the entire academic year. Depending on the nature of your project, your time commitment may fluctuate or remain consistent throughout the year. Some Fellows begin their work in the summer and use a portion of their stipend to finance lodging on campus.

Application Requirements:

Proposed program of investigation, letter of recommendation, strong academic record.

Campus Deadline:
March 5th, 2019


Schiff Fellows will be notified in early April and are expected to commit to their award shortly thereafter. A reception is held each year for outgoing and incoming Schiff fellows and their mentors.


Please print the following application and submit to Academic Services by 5pm on Tuesday, March 5, 2019.

Schiff Undergradute Fellowship Application