2024 Grant Awards

A person looks through a book with paintings in it

The Arts Engagement office in the Division of Creative Arts awards grants to Brandeis faculty, staff, students and alumni to support innovative new work for the Festival of the Arts that offers opportunities to create, participate, and learn about the arts.

A jury of faculty and staff evaluates grant applications on the quality and innovation of the project, and the potential for broad involvement of the Brandeis community during the festival. The following applicants received funding for the 2024 festival:

  • Nathan Bernstein '24
    "Lider un Kunstarbet" — Series of Yiddish poems translated and accompanied by visual artwork that represents, reflects on, or expands upon the original Yiddish poetry

  • Corey Brown '23
    "Boy in Garden" — A digital collage inspired by Mitchell Siporin's painting of the same title, which pays tribute to Siporin, the founder of Brandeis' Department of Fine Arts

  • Isabella Orkin Emmanuel '26
    "Exiled from Eden" — Paintings of almost extinct animals in dystopian settings
  • Sam Long, GSAS MFA'25
    "Buchla Young People's Concert" — A performance/demonstration at the Brandeis Electro Acoustic Music Studio on the Buchla 100 synthesizer
  • Skye Lu '27
    "Return" — Original theater movement piece with interdisciplinary approach exploring the essence of human connection 
  • Dahlia Ramirez '27
    "Whiskers Comic Display" — Comics about being a first year student at Brandeis, hand drawn with handmade frames
  • Kellen Rice '27, Ellie Cho '27
    Autobiographical comics zine reflecting of the experiences and community building of first-year students
  • Sydney Schur '24
    "Shabbat! A Ceramic Exhibit" — Shabbat table installation, with handmade ceramic plates, bowls, and serving bowls
  • Logan Shanks '24
    "La Madama," an installation that celebrates Brandeis Black feminist spacemaking and worldbuilding through diasporic iconography of an Afro-American orisha, La Madama.
  • Brooke Stanton,  costume shop director, Department of Theater Arts
    Indigo Road, an art installation about how blue jeans were historically made.
  • Brooke Stanton, costume shop director, Department of Theater Arts
    "REvolution," an interactive dance project that integrates humans and technology
  • Alex Sweder '12, GSAS MAT'14
    "Legacy Portraits" of the Brandeis community of the past, present, and future
  • Irina Znamirowski '24
    "Dancing through Deis" — Contemporary dance performance and interactive workshops in various spaces across campus