Grant Review Process

  • All applications that meet guidelines are reviewed by a panel of Brandeis staff and faculty representing a variety of disciplines and expertise. Panelists evaluate applications using the review criteria below, then determine which applicants are recommended for funding. Arts Engagement makes final funding decisions based on these recommendations.
  • All applicants will be notified by email of the jury's decision within two weeks of the application deadline. You will officially accept your award by attending an information meeting at the beginning of spring semester.

Review Criteria and Guiding Questions

  • Artistic merit: What are the applicant's motivations for proposing this project? Does the project have aesthetic qualities? Does the project have the potential to rank among the best of the year?
  • Originality and innovation: Does the proposal demonstrate original ideas and insights? Does the project offer an opportunity to further develop and clarify these ideas using diverse sources?
  • Engagement: Does the project provide the student an opportunity to involve and engage the Brandeis community? Might this engagement lead to self-reflection, understanding of diverse societies or points of view, the creation of a just society, or the opportunity to advocate for cultures other than their own?
  • The ability of the applicant to produce the work: Does the applicant have relevant experience and support? Can the applicant realistically produce the work in a semester? Does the applicant demonstrate intellectual and creative flexibility and problem-solving ability?

Development Phase

If your application is approved for funding, you will be asked to develop the proposal further by submitting a budget and plan for implementation. The plan for implementation includes some or all of the following:

  • rehearsal schedule
  • expanded budget
  • production staff
  • installation drawings
  • timetable for building
  • deinstallation plan

You will have guidance from Arts Engagement or a member of the festival planning committee.

When your final proposal is approved, you can begin spending your budget.

A grant advisor will meet with you at several prearranged times during spring semester. These check-ins could be at your studio, rehearsals or a meeting at your site, as appropriate.

Application Guidelines