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Ingrid Schorr
Brandeis Office of the Arts
PO Box 549110 / MS 092
Waltham, MA 02454-9110

2019 Grant Awards

Each year students, faculty, staff and alumni of Brandeis respond to a call to artists engaged in visual and performing arts. The Office of the Arts awards grants to produce innovative new work for the Festival of the Arts that offers opportunities to create, participate, and learn about the arts. A jury of faculty, staff and students evaluates grant applications on the quality and innovation of the project, and the potential for broad involvement of the Brandeis community during the festival. The following proposals received funding for the 2019 festival:

  • Alexander Bean, GSAS, $500 for "Pythagoras Box" (sound sculpture)
  • Stephanie Boyer, GSAS, $450 for "Herodias" (painting)
  • Anna Cass '21, $55 for "Beneath the Buzz" (mixed media)
  • Inga Chinilina, GSAS, $160 for "Lullaby for the Earth" (sound sculpture)
  • Gabriel Fontes '19 and Justus Davis '19, $450 for "Material Voices" (participatory installation)
  • Brian Frankel '20, $400 for "Community Dance" (painting)
  • Rayelle Gardner '20, $200 for "More than Blues" (video)
  • Jenny Ho '20, $400 for "Markets and Cultural Diversity" (painting)
  • Mary Kagan-Garcia '20, $450 for "Synesthesia" (painting)
  • Gabby Loeff '20, $120 for "Wilted Scales" (painting)
  • Arlett Marquez and Judiana Moises, $435 for "Identity in Motion" (video and photography)
  • Katharine Mound '19, $190 for "Shared Space" (photography)
  • Rita Scheer '20, $100 for "house feelings" (artist book)
  • Maegann Stafford '19, $50 for "Liquid Symposium" (mixed media)
  • Orli Swergold '18, $270 for "The Women's Bath" (painting series)
  • Sarah Valente (GSAS), $500 for "Blanket Statements" (sculpture)