2016 Festival of the Creative Arts

Photo Credit: Mike Lovett

Students pose for the camera, smiling and covered in colorful powder during a Holi celebration.

Celebrating Holi.

Candid photo of three members of performance group “Toxic,” one of whom is smiling brightly at the camera.

A performance by Toxic.

Members of Somerville’s School of Honk playing their instruments, including a drummer and various horn instrumentalists.

Members of Somerville's School of Honk.

A colorfully-dressed woman from the Somerville School of Honk playing her slide trombone along with other horn players in the background.

A person from the Somerville School of Honk plays the trombone.

Patrons sitting for a Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra performance.

Patrons sitting for a Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra performance.

An outdoor performance by Toxic

Student performance group “Toxic” performs, surrounded by festival attendees.

Nighthorse Theatre members in period costume, performing scenes from Shakespeare in front of an audience of all ages.

Nighthorse Theatre performs scenes from Shakespeare.

William Chambers dressed as a service attendant sitting and doing needlepoint for his live-performance installation titled “The Service Station.”

William Chambers at “The Service Station” in front of the Light of Reason.

A cube-like structure covered in colorful graffiti.

Brazilian Graffiti artist Marcelo Ment’s colorful creation.

Performers from the Guy Mendilow Ensemble singing and playing instruments.

The Guy Mendilow Ensemble performs.

Students covered in colored powder jump in the air together for Holi.

Jumping up and down for Holi.

A student wearing virtual-reality headgear.

Entering virtual reality.

A child wraps yarn on her fingers

Hands-on art in the Multipurpose Room.

Ian Roy helps children use materials on the MakerLab table.

Ian Roy showcases MakerLab materials.

Eli Kengmana ’19 playing a blue sunburst acoustic guitar.

Eli Kengmana ’19 plays the guitar.

A photographer walks away from a camera tripod toward a rounded tent-like structure titled “Hive,” encompassing a student sitting with her legs folded.