Welcome to the Brandeis Educational Justice Initiative!

BEJI is an interdisciplinary group of students, staff, and faculty who believe in educational justice. Our work contributes to a nationwide movement to make higher education relevant to the crisis of mass incarceration. We’re a member of the Massachusetts Prison Education Consortium and we work closely with other Boston-area educational justice initiatives.

BEJI makes change from the inside out. 

We connect folks at Brandeis to non-profits and state agencies where education can make a big difference to people impacted by the criminal justice system. In all our collaborations, we seek to use education to empower and bring people together. This is an all-campus project and all majors/departments are welcome.

Connect with us. 

BEJI is growing every semester. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of experience or discipline. Check out our Initiatives page for more descriptions of our work, and for opportunities to get involved. 

Contact David Sherman at dsherman@brandeis.edu to learn more.

Don't know where to start? 

Educate yourself with these readings, films, and organizations covering the crisis of mass incarceration.

Get inspired by listening to our students’ stories. 

Get connected with other students who CARE about carceral justice.

So far, we've served...

Community Partners Justice Impacted Students Undergraduate Students Graduate Students
Over 18 Over 200 54 23