2023 Elections

Candidates for BUSAC 2023-2024

Candidates for BUSAC were given the opportunity to submit short statements indicating why they are interested in being on BUSAC and/or why they think they would be a good fit for the committee and its goals. A list of candidates and their statements, if provided, are listed below by district. 

District A:

Julie Seeger: I will practice speaking truth to power.

Jane Theriault: I have been a graduate student, faculty member, and staff member over my years at Brandeis, which gives me a unique viewpoint and will assist in making decisions. In this role, I would like to advocate for my peers by making connections across the university and giving a voice to staff concerns. I'd also like to learn from those connections I make, and to bring that knowledge back to the district.

Traci Walkup: I am interested in working toward equity for Brandeis employees and building a sense of community for its members. Including staff input from all of the areas on campus, and understanding their various goals and agendas, is an important piece of that process. I hope that working with the varied group in BUSAC can provide valuable feedback to the Human Resources team and senior leadership.

District B         

Brittani Harris: Advocating for improved culture and staff morale are extremely important to me. Staff are an extremely vital part of all departments at Brandeis University and I believe we all deserve to work somewhere where we feel heard, supported, and valued. Being on BUSAC is a great way to actively work towards that for all staff and to keep the Business School included in wider University conversations.

District C  

Mel Ptacek: As a member of BUSAC for District C (Heller), I will represent my peers by making progress toward improving work processes, systems, and relationships, responding to staff inquiries and communications, raising issues and concerns affecting staff members, and seeking resolutions. I will highlight staff concerns and questions regarding salaries and retention, leave and vacation, workplace culture, and community needs and will push for staff participation in all decision-making and policies affecting staff, whether in terms of individual workplaces, schools and departments, or the campus at large. In addition, an important component of my BUSAC work has been offering a voice for disabled staff members within BUSAC and, in general, on campus, a role I hope to continue.

District D

No Candidates

District E     

Kristina Cherniahivsky: As a member of the Brandeis community for more than 18 years I am a strong advocate for staff inclusivity. I hope to have the opportunity to help amplify our collective voice as a representative in BUSAC.

Gail Jordan: I have been a staff member at Brandeis for nine years. I will represent my peers with integrity, honesty and compassion.

Anne Meade: I've worked at Brandeis in the Office of Communications for seven years. Our department focuses on building relationships and connecting with the entire Brandeis community, and I have had the pleasure of collaborating with departments and offices across the university on a wide range of projects. I would be honored to represent District F on BUSAC.

District G    

Lindsay Roth: I believe staff are the backbone of Brandeis and am passionate about advocating on behalf of my colleagues in Institutional Advancement, especially as we prepare to begin the largest capital campaign in the university's history. If elected, I'd consider myself the first among equals and strive to represent the opinions and values of my peers to lead to a better Brandeis for all. My commitment as the representative for Institutional Advancement would be to generate more awareness about the purpose and potential of BUSAC and connect with staff regularly to ensure the viewpoints of our division continue to be a catalyst for change. I believe that through creative engagement and collaboration we can instill pride in the campus staff community, make Brandeis a fun place to work, and a destination employer across higher education. If I can answer any questions related to my candidacy, do not hesitate to reach me at lroth@brandeis.edu.

District H    

Samantha DeMelim       

Lisa DeNicola: Being part of BUSAC is a good opportunity to broaden my perspective on key university decisions, to take part in searches, and contribute to new policies.  I welcome the opportunity to be part of something bigger than athletics.   I hope given my years of experience, that I can contribute in a positive way and be seen as an asset to this committee.

Daniel Schwartz: I will bring over a decade of professional university staff experience to BUSAC. I have helped to create positive change on several different campuses. These experiences give me a strong perspective on how to effectively advocate for and encourage professional development of my Brandeis colleagues.

District I 

No Candidates

District J

No Candidates

District K    

Stefanie Borntreger: I joined Brandeis in 2020 and have worked in both the Library and ITS in support of learning technologies. I believe strongly in the power of staff when we collaborate across roles, departments, and disciplines.  If elected, I will advocate for Brandeis staff with equity and transparency at front of mind.

Mary Calo: As a member of BUSAC, I would commit to actively and consistently engaging with all District K staff members to best represent areas of success and concern related to the Brandeis work environment. My experiences both working for Brandeis over the last several years and as a previous union and bargaining team member have prepared me for this role. My ability to utilize direct, respectful communication across hierarchies will facilitate ongoing meaningful conversations with the Brandeis Administration with a focus on improving the overall staff experience.     

Natalie Susmann: I see BUSAC as a great opportunity to develop professional relationships outside of my work group; discover collaborative partnerships; and understand the needs and interests of staff across Brandeis. I'm an experienced educator and administrator who sees how higher education is shifting; I want to ensure staff work environments improve alongside these changes. I have many ideas and would love to act as a bridge between the district and administration.