Social Groups on Campus

Interested in participating in non-work related activities on campus? Below is a listing of social groups that currently exist. These groups are all self-created so if you are interested in establishing a new group, please email

Check out the faculty and staff pride alliance website, which provides the group's mission, upcoming events, and a link to the mailing list.

BOLLI Lunch and Learn

The Lunch and Learn Committee invites distinguished figures in politics, the arts, journalism, and Brandeis' own faculty to speak during lunch time presentations from 1-2 p.m. at 60 Turner Street. Check out the schedule for details.

Book Discussion Group

We are looking forward to welcoming new members! This book group is dedicated to discussing texts — usually fiction — that highlight contemporary issues and questions related to sex, gender identity, race, and class, for example. Meetings are currently held on Zoom, but this may change to meeting in person at the Women's Studies Research Center at a later date. Meetings are typically on Friday afternoons and tend to be one hour. If you are interested in joining the group, please contact Emily Palmer or Phoebe Schnitzer. To foster a level of comfort and a strong rapport in our group discussions, we are asking that new members commit to attending a majority of our sessions.

Knitting Club (aka yarnjunkies)

This group meets for lunch in the science centerwhenever there is interest in meeting. Due to changes from COVID-19, the group would be open to meeting over Zoom, if there's interest.  Please email or Jessica Maryott to be added to the email listing.

Book Club

This group meets every six weeks in the Institutional Advancement Office. Currently meeting on Zoom, the next meeting is scheduled for August 31. Once everyone is back on campus, the group may continue to meet via Zoom, or doing a hybrid in-person/virtual format to be more accessible to everyone. For more information please email Stacey Winkler.

Brandeis Arts Club

We select one arts event (theater, visual art, etc.) a month to attend together during the school year. This a way to appreciate all the arts on campus together! Contact Emily Palmer.

Peace Circle

Since 2007, Brandeis students, faculty, and staff have met at the Peace Circle to be mindful of peace in a time of war. As national, global, or campus crises occur, the vigil has often taken on a special focus or theme. All Brandeis community members are welcome, as we'd love your input and participation in creating the most meaningful experience as an institution rooted in the values of social justice. Please contact Chaplain Matt Carriker with any questions, or if you’d like to be added to the updates about the Peace Circle and Vigil.

Staff/Faculty Disability Group
This group is for disabled staff and faculty members and peers who support them. The group discusses disability-related issues that arise from work and the workplace and provides support and advocacy where needed, while also encouraging self-advocacy. At times, the group might focus on issues or themes associated with state or national circumstances or events, particularly as these affect staff members and faculty with disabilities on campus. Interested participants should contact Mel Ptacek