Brandeis Faculty & Staff Pride Alliance

Who are we?

The Brandeis Faculty and Staff Pride Alliance (BFSPA) is open to all members of the faculty and staff who identify with the LGBTQIA+ community or wish to be part of the peer network that supports the LGBTQIA+ community on campus.

We are a faculty and staff association dedicated to supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and allied members at Brandeis in their professional and community roles.

Are you interested in becoming more involved?

We are currently looking for a new Chair or new co-Chairs of the Brandeis Faculty and Staff Pride Alliance!

BFSPA Chair Responsibilities
  • Plan, Organize and Attend Monthly Community Lunches

  • Plan, Organize and Attend other community events for the group 

  • Holds a seat on the Pride Alliance Leadership board 

  • Although called “Brandeis Faculty and Staff Pride Alliance'', the group is not actually affiliated with Brandeis. This is an intentional decision for this group was created to work to make campus changes to make Brandeis a better place for all staff/faculty identifying as LGBTQIA+ while being able to advocate to the University directly. 

    • A smaller volunteer working group called “Pride Alliance Leadership” (PAL) meets quarterly to finalize decisions for the BFSPA and advocate to the University on behalf of membership concerns. 

    • Work in conjunction with campus partners, including the Director of the Gender and Sexuality Center, to support university initiatives on campus.

BFSPA Chair(s) Self Nomination Form
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the current BFSPA Co-Chairs Kaitlyn Rogers ( and Esther Brandon ( 


How to Contact Us


Sign up for the Brandeis Faculty and Staff Pride Alliance Listserv using the Sign Up Now button in the sidebar.

Upcoming Events

Brandeis Faculty and Staff Pride Alliance Monthly Meeting

When do we meet?

Every month members of the BFSPA meet for a "bring your own lunch" in the Gender and Sexuality Center located in Usdan. We hope to offer the lunches starting every other month in the Shapiro Campus Center once those spaces start to have availability again. These lunches have no set agenda; just a place for individuals across campus who would like to spend their lunch with others in a safe place!

Fall 2021 Dates

Time: 12:00 p.m.. to 1:00 p.m.

Wednesday, November 3rd

Wednesday, December 15th

Spring 2021 Dates- TBD!

Come Join Us!

Pride Alliance Leadership group

What do we do?

With the help and expertise of fellow staff and faculty at Brandeis, the PAL group is working towards programs and conversations for employees who identify with the LGBTQIA+ community at Brandeis University, to ensure all individuals feel included and supported. In April, 2019, Kaitlyn Rogers became the Chair of the Pride Alliance Leadership (PAL) group. Additionally, Esther Brandon was named Co-Chair of the Pride Alliance Leadership (PAL) group in July 2020! Their current term is over, and we are looking for new leadership. At the top of the page is information if you are interested!

Are you interested in more information? Please feel free to contact some of our PAL Leadership team!

Kaitlyn Rogers

Esther Brandon

Vilma Uribe

Jennifer Giordano

Katy McLaughlin

Alyssa Canelli

Ashley Trebisacci

Have feedback or a concern?

The Brandeis Faculty & Staff Pride Alliance Leadership group is a group of staff and faculty dedicated to uplifting the voices, needs, and experiences of LGBTQIA+ staff and faculty and we want to hear from you. What are your experiences, needs, and hopes for the future at Brandeis?

As members of the leadership team of BFSPA,  we are collecting this information so we can better understand the needs and problem solve around concerns, when applicable, of our LGBTQIA+ community here at Brandeis. 

To reach us, you are welcome to complete this form: Brandeis Faculty & Staff Pride Alliance Input Form.

Please note, we strive to honor your privacy. All of the content in this form is optional. 

What happens with this information

Once this form is completed, members of the PAL team (listed above) will review your input at our next meeting. We will confidentially discuss the report and decide the next steps that should be taken. That may be meeting with you, HR, BUSAC, or other members of the University. Some may find it helpful to meet with members of PAL for peer-to-peer problem solving. If you have given us your name on the form, we will inform you of the next steps we wish to take before we actually do so. If you have chosen to submit the form anonymously, we will not be able to reach out to you. Our goal is to always uphold your confidentiality to the best of our ability.