Booster Vaccination Documentation Instructions

Please follow these steps to review or upload your vaccination and booster documentation.

  1. Visit the Medicat website. (Note: This link opens in a new window.)
  2. Select Brandeis University from the Please choose your home organization menu.
  3. Login with your Brandeis credentials.

If you received your vaccine in Massachusetts

  1. From the Brandeis Medicat home screen, click the Immunizations menu.
  2. From the Immunizations menu, select View History.

    Immunizations menu outlined in red, View History outlined in red
  3. Review your immunization history that has been uploaded from the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS).
  4. If all of your vaccination information is visible and correct, you have satisfied Brandeis' vaccination requirement. If your information is incorrect or incomplete, please follow the instructions below to upload documentation.

If you received your vaccine outside of Massachusetts, or your vaccination results are not accurate in the immunization history

  1. From the Brandeis Medicat home screen, select the Upload option.

    Screenshot of Medicat home screen, Upload option outlined in red
  2. From the Upload screen, use the drop-down menu to select *Covid Vaccine And Booster Documentation

    Documentation list, COVID Vaccine and Booster Documentation is outlined in red
  3. Click Select File to locate a PDF or photo of your COVID-19 Booster Vaccination Record.

    Select file button outlined in red
  4. After selecting the image of your COVID-19 Booster Vaccination Record, click the blue Upload button.

    Documents to be uploaded screen
  5. You will be able to view the file you have uploaded under the Document already on file heading.

If you received any of your doses outside of Massachusetts, you will likely need to upload your vaccination card to show your complete documentation.

Thank you for submitting your COVID-19 vaccination documentation. Faculty, staff and affiliates should contact with any questions; students should contact with any questions.