Zoombombing, tips for managing uninvited participants

March 30, 2020

Dear Brandeis Community,

With the transition to online classes and a virtual workforce, the community is currently working, teaching, and learning using Zoom video conferencing. With the universities and institutions increasing their worldwide use of Zoom, new cybersecurity threats have emerged. One such trend is “Zoombombing”, where a random, uninvited guest joins the meeting to share inappropriate content via screen share or inflammatory messages via chat.

While there have been no confirmed incidents of Zoombombing in the Brandeis community, it can happen to anyone. ITS has identified the following security best practices to try and reduce your risk of Zoombombing as much as possible. For more information and detailed instructions please see this Zoombombing Notice.

When scheduling a meeting

The combination of the security features above should help to prevent the entry of unwanted parties to your Zoom meeting. However, you have access to other in-meeting features if an unauthorized person enters your meeting.

During a meeting

To report an incident of Zoombombing in one of your online classes or virtual meetings, please contact ITS Media Technology Services at mts@brandeis.edu.


Jim La Creta
Chief Information Officer