Sodexo Dining Services Staff

Information about COVID-19 guidelines and protocols at Brandeis has changed frequently as public health guidance has changed; please be aware that the information in this letter may be outdated. For the latest information, please visit the COVID-19 Response website.

April 9, 2020

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

Brandeis is deeply grateful to all of the hard working dining services staff. These contracted staff are providing critical support to our students and essential employees as well as to healthcare workers in greater Boston. Their dedication to our local and regional community is inspiring to all of us.

We have been assured by Sodexo that all their employees who work in dining services at Brandeis will receive the equivalent of what they would have earned prior to the pandemic through May 17. Sodexo workers at Brandeis fall into two broad categories:

Category 1: Typically, at the end of every spring semester, much of dining services work comes to an anticipated end and a good number of dining workers take leave of their jobs until the new semester begins. This year, due to the pandemic, the end of the work year is happening sooner than we would have wanted. Sodexo assures us that all dining services employees will be back on campus as soon as possible and we hope to see them back in the fall as we do every year. To reduce the number of workers whose work year ended early, Sodexo has provided opportunities for these staff to work as part of the satellite operation in Usdan that is providing meals to healthcare workers in local area hospitals. All Sodexo staff — those who decide to work in Usdan and those who do not — will receive at least as much as they earned before the pandemic from ongoing wages (for those who work in Usdan) or from unemployment insurance and the federal stimulus supplement (for those who do not). 

Category 2: Sodexo dining staff who continue to be scheduled to work at Brandeis will be paid through May 17 for the same hours they were being paid prior to the pandemic, even if they are now working fewer hours. This includes any staff who are sick or caring for a loved one who is sick.

All Sodexo employees (in both of these categories) will continue to have access to health insurance.

We again express our gratitude to all Sodexo employees for their service to the Brandeis and greater Boston community.


Lois Stanley, PhD
Vice President, Campus Operation