Travel policy & green Passport for Gosman

March 5, 2021

Dear Brandeis Community,

Please see below for two COVID-19 policy updates.

Have a great weekend,
Dan Kim
Senior Vice President, Communications, Marketing and External Relations

Travel within Massachusetts for undergraduates Effective Monday, March 8 at noon, undergraduate students may travel throughout the state of Massachusetts. Since the beginning of the fall semester, travel for undergraduates had been limited to the greater Boston area. All other travel restrictions, including staying in-state through the end of the semester unless an exemption is granted by the Dean of Students Office, remain in effect.

Green Campus Passport required for Gosman
 Also effective Monday, March 8 at noon, any member of the community — student, faculty or staff — must present a green Campus Passport (or a blue Shabbat or digital alternative) for admission to Gosman. This means that, if you are at the end of your testing period, it isn’t enough to just schedule the drop-off of your test prior to accessing the facility. You must actually submit your sample prior to going to the gym.