For returning students who tested COVID-positive over the break

Spring 2021

Brandeis requires all community members to participate in our community testing program when they come to campus. If you tested positive through a Brandeis test before or during the intersession, you have already been contacted by a member of the Health Center staff and by the Brandeis Contact Tracing Program (BCTP). You do not need to take any additional action at this time: you just need to continue to follow the directions the BCTP provided you with regard to your testing requirements.

If you tested positive for COVID outside of the Brandeis testing program, you must disclose your positive test result in the following ways prior to your return to campus:

  1. In the Health Center portal, upload a copy of your positive COVID-19 test into Medicat, our electronic record system.
  2. Send an email to AND with a copy of the same positive test result attached.

CDC guidelines require that COVID-positive patients do not retest for 90 days from the date of their positive test result. During this period, fragments of genetic material can cause a positive result; these fragments are not infectious.

For Massachusetts travel quarantine, individuals who are recovered from COVID-19 and are within their 90-day exemption period (and who do not have symptoms of COVID-19) do NOT need to obtain a negative PCR test prior to travel or obtain a negative test/quarantine upon entering Massachusetts. It is imperative that you disclose your previous COVID-positive status and have your previous positive test result on file at the Health Center, so that you will not need to travel quarantine or isolate again unless you begin to show symptoms of COVID-19.  

Some patients who contracted COVID report lingering symptoms well after they have resolved the infection. These patients have been called "Long Haulers." New information has been emerging about this subset of patients, and we encourage you to seek further evaluation at the Health Center if you are experiencing lingering symptoms so we can direct you for further testing or specialty care.