Brown Bag Seminar

October 8
, 2009
12:15 - 1:45pm 
Heller Building
Room 163

Obama's Mideast Policy:
Reflections on the Basis of the Recently Published
  "Myths, Illusions & Peace"

David Makovsky, Ziegler Distinguished Fellow and Director, Project on the Middle East Peace Process, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Why has the United States consistently failed to achieve its strategic goals in the Middle East? According to Dennis Ross and David Makovsky, two of America's leading experts on the region, it is because we have been laboring under false assumptions, or mythologies, about the nature and motivation of Middle East countries and their leaders. In Myths, Illusions, and Peace, the authors debunk these damaging fallacies, held by both the right and the left, and present a concise and far-reaching set of principles that will help America set an effective course of action in the region.

Please bring your lunch - refreshments will be provided