Crown Books

The Crown Center for Middle East Studies supports its scholars to author in-depth books on critical topics in the region.

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Crown Conversations

Crown Conversations draw on the wealth of regional expertise at the Crown Center in order to focus on recent developments in the Middle East with two goals: to draw attention to aspects of ongoing events that are overlooked in the U.S. news media and to provide insights into the wider regional and global implications of the news.

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Crown Essays

Crown Essays are monograph-length commentaries intended to foster debate on contemporary issues related to the Middle East. Based on works of scholarship, this series allows for the authors to engage with and contribute to important issues in the region in an essay format.

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Crown Papers

Crown Papers are double-blind, peer-reviewed monographs covering a wide-range of scholarship on the Middle East, including works of history, economics, politics, and anthropology. This publication series succeeds the Center's earlier Working Papers and aims to showcase the scholarship of the Center's postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and Research Fellows.

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Middle East Briefs

The Center publishes the Middle East Brief series, which are concise analyses of contemporary developments and events in the Middle East. Parallel to the Center’s scholarly work, the publication, targeted primarily at decision-makers and opinion leaders, provides a brief analysis of a single issue at the top of the region’s political, social, or economic agenda.

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Working Papers

Working Papers are article-length scholarly works in progress by Crown Center researchers. They aim to reflect the wide range of scholarship conducted by various faculty, senior, and junior fellows during their stay at the Crown Center. These articles have not undergone peer-review and may only be downloaded for personal use. Permission for attribution lies solely with the Working Paper’s author.

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