Syria after Assad's "Victory"


A Brown Bag Seminar with Joseph Bahout


Since fall of 2018, conventional wisdom has held that Bashar al-Assad won the brutal civil war that has raged in Syria since 2011. According to this view, the main challenges ahead for Syria are centered on a set of post-war issues such as financing the reconstruction and reintegrating the country into the regional order. In this talk, Joseph Bahout will challenge this reading, arguing that it neglects a whole range of issues such as regional and international rivalries that still surround the country, ongoing sanctions that could impede reconstruction, and the fact that the regime itself is crippled by internal fragility. These and other factors could potentially lead to new wars and further destabilize the regime and the region.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Schwartz Hall 103
Brandeis University

Joseph Bahout is a non-resident fellow at the Crown Center and a professor at Sciences-Po Paris. He is also a permanent consultant at the Policy Planning unit of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a non-resident scholar at the Carnegie Endowment’s Middle East Program in Washington, DC.

Free and open to the public
Bring your lunch
Light refreshments will be served