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Abie Troen '14 interned with the Kenyan Alliance of Street Vendors and Informal Traders.

Abie Troen '14 interned with the Kenyan Alliance of Street Vendors and Informal Traders.

Many Sorensen Fellows have chosen internships in Africa. Their experiences are diverse, from fighting AIDS in Kenya to doingphotojournalism for a Rwandan newspaper to supporting small businesses in Tanzania. In their Sorensen Fellowship essays, past and present fellows reflect on their work in the world’s second largest continent. 

Treasure Amidst Trash: Preserving Community in the World's Largest Garbage City - Spirit of Youth Association, Cairo - Madeleine Stix '12 (2010)


All Roads Lead to Gergi: Starting Ethio-STEM - EthioSTEM, Addis Ababa - Bethlehem Seifu Belaineh '16 (2015)

Milestones: The Joys and Trials of Autism - The Nia Foundation, Addis Ababa - Bezaye T. Teshome '16 (2015)

Being Part of the Change - Hope Community Services, Mekelle - Avram Mlotek '09 (2008)

The Gambia:
Culture Preservation and Education in the Gambia, West Africa - The Gambia Cotton Tree Heritage Theater, Serrekunda - Lauren Elson '00 (1999)


A Journey of Hope: Discovering Ties Between Health and Education in Atorkor, GhanaAtorkor Development Foundation, Atorkor, Ghana- Ngobitak Ndiwane '16 (2014)

Instituting Unvisualized Change: Trusting the Faith Walk - Light for Children, Kumasi, Ghana - Michelle Dennis '18 (2017)

Trauma and Healing Through Art: Revealing the Power of Solidarity - Attukwei Art Foundation, Accra; Jessye Kass '13 (2011)

Weaving the Essence of a Nation -Qui Veut Peut, Guinea, Ibrahima Diaboula '16 (2014)


From “Slum” to Neighborhood: Building Relationships and Regaining TrustKenya Social Ventures, Kibera, Nairobi- Shimon Mazor '16 (2014)

Kakamega: Living and Learning in Kenya's Last Remaining Rainforest - Foundation for Sustainable Development, Kakamega - Jamie Pottern '09 (2007)

Deconstructing One's Paper Identity - Kenya Social Ventures, Nairobi - Cynthia Wangui Charchi '14 (2013)

An Informal Image in Different Voices - Kenyan Alliance of Street Vendors and Informal Traders - Abie Troen '14 (2013)

Defining Assistance: The Complexities of International Aid in Lesotho - The Family Art and Literacy Centre, Maseru - Lauren Kraus '10 (2009)

Child Survival and Community Health Project in Cuamba, Mozambique - Medical Care Development International, Cuamba - Eldad Elnekave '00 (1998)

Building on the Past: Media Ethics in Rwanda's Evolving Post-Genocide Society [Youtube] - The New Times - Robyn Spector '13 (2012)

Forgive Them, Mother: Witnessing Impossible Forgiveness - Rwanda Interdisciplinary Genocide Studies Center - Noam Shuster '11 (2009)

Uzi Kurinda Imana We: A Story of Resilience in Rwanda - WE-ACTx, Kigali - Margot Moinester '09 (2007)

Impressions of Talibés and Islamic Education in Senegal - Pour Une Enfance - Nelly Schläfereit '15 (2013)

Finding What's "Right": Understanding Women's Rights in Senegal through Multiple Identities - West African Research Center, Dakar - Dana Sawitz '08 (2006)

South Africa:
Artist Proof Studio in South Africa: When Does Optimism Silence Memory? - Artist Proof Studio, Johannesburg - Amy Schiller '06 (2004)

Discovering the Role Art Plays in Creating Social Change - Artist Proof Studio, Johannesburg - Catherine McConnell '10 (2008)

New Voices in Johannesburg: Melody and/or Cacophony? - Artist Proof Studio, Johannesburg - Darnisa Amante '06 (2004)

The Art Therapy Centre: A Portrait - Art Therapy Centre, Johannesburg - Naomi Safran-Hon '08 (2006)

South African Women Unite: Gender Rights Lobbying and Advocacy - Gender Advocacy Programme, Cape Town - Anna Jaffe-Desnick '02 (2001)

Ikamva Labantu, Cape Town - Cyanna Rodney-Hill '06 (2005)

Civil Society: The Only Comfortable Meeting Place for the Multi-racial, Ethnic, and Socio-economic Population of Cape Town? - Ikamva Labantu, Cape Town - Deidre Mooney '05 (2003)

Desperate to be Recognized: Youth in South Africa - Ikamva Labantu, Cape Town - Nakisha Evans '02 (2000)

Voices of Youths: Let Us Live as One - Ikamva Labantu, Cape Town - Trang Nguyen ‘03 (2002)

Cultural Frameworks: Shaping the Ways People See, Understand, and Act in the World - Ikamva Labantu, Cape Town - Yaser S. Robles '03 (2001)

Joining a Community for Humanity - Ikamva Labantu, Cape Town - Zach Sherwin '02 (2000)

NOVA: A Project in Environmental and Poverty Upliftment in Rural South African Communities - NOVA and National Interest Public Law and Research, Pretoria - Brahmy Poologasingham '00 (1998)

Issues of Fear and Identity in Engaging with Your Community - Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela - Matthew Harris '04 (2003)

Lifting the Shackles: Women Building Peace in an Unreconciled South Africa - U Managing Conflict, Cape Town - Aliya Caler '02 (2001)

U Managing Conflict (UMAC), Cape Town - Amy Cotton ‘06 (2005)

Not Chickening Out: Moving Towards Queer Liberation in Pretoria, South Africa - OUT LGBT Well-being, Pretoria, South Africa - Paul Sindberg '18 (2017)

Changing the Culture of the Young Generation in Msunduza, Swaziland: The Role of Women [Youtube] - Environmental Health Services, Msunduza - Mangaliso Mohammed '13 (2012)

Plague Control in Tanzania - Gesellschaft fur technische Zusammenarbeit, Lushoto, and Bagamoyo College of Art, Bagamoyo - Manuel Costescu '99 (1998)

Sentences and Words: Language and Legacy Inside the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda - International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Arusha - Daniel Koosed '08 (2007)

Exploring the Informal and Semi Rural Economy: Impact of Microfinance in Tanzania [Youtube] - Opportunity Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam - Karia Sekumbo '14 (2012)

Her Story: The Struggles and Characteristics of the Kilimanjaro Woman - Women’s Education and Economic Centre, Moshi - Tess Raser '12 (2010)


Barriers and Solidarity: An Outsider Navigates Northern Uganda and its Humanitarian Enterprise - Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU), Kampala - Benjamin Bechtolsheim '09

Reversal of Roles: Lessons Learned as a Teacher in Uganda - Uganda Youth and Women’s Effort Fighting AIDS, Kampala - Hannah Young '15 (2013)