Sorensen Fellowship

After 20 years the Sorensen Fellowship is concluding with the 2017 cohort of Fellows. For other undergraduate internship opportunities at Brandeis University, click here. For more about the conclusion of the Sorensen Fellowship, click here.

About the Sorensen Fellowship:

We Give You $4000, You Put Social Justice Into Action.

      meet the 2017 Sorensen fellows.
There have been 121 Sorensen Fellows since 1998. Learn about them and read about their experiences.

Tackling climate change. Expanding access to health care. Building peace through the arts. Working for educational equity. For 20 years, Sorensen Fellows did summer internships of their choosing in which they put social justice into action. As Sorensen Fellows, they had the rare opportunity to contribute as undergraduates to organizations that address ethical issues.

A Three-Part Experience

The Sorensen Fellowship consisted of three parts:

  • Spring: Fellows took a course of their choosing, at Brandeis or abroad, as academic preparation for their internship.
  • Summer: Fellows interned in the organizations of their choice, anywhere in the world, including the USA. They tackled issues of international importance like coexistence, human rights, international law, hunger relief, gender equality, development, education, global health, AIDS prevention, refugee assistance, and more.
  • Fall: The Fellows took a course as a group to reflect and write about their internship experiences. Read their writing here.
Paul sukijthamapan,
Sorensen 2011, in
east Timor


Sorensen Fellows received a $4000 stipend ($3500 if internship was in the USA), which covered travel and modest living expenses for a summer internship.

Summer Earnings Replacement Grant - Former Ethics Center board member Gillian Sorensen (spouse of the late Ted Sorensen, for whom the Fellowship was renamed in 2009) gave a generous gift to support a need-based award for students who needed to work to save money over the summer and may not have been able to consider applying for unpaid internships without additional funding.

Click here to learn about Ted Sorensen, JFK's presidential speechwriter, for whom the Fellowship was renamed in 2009.