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Explore reflections from all of the regions Sorensen Fellows have traveled to for their internships!


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Internships in North and South America

Jake Greenberg '18 interned for the Rockland Conservation & Service Corps in Rockland County, New York.

Jake Greenberg '18 interned for the Rockland Conservation & Service Corps in Rockland County, New York.

Many Sorensen Fellows have chosen internships in North and South America. Their work ranges from teaching nonviolence in Costa Rica to rethinking disability in a Texan camp. In their Sorensen Fellowship essays, past and present fellows reflect on their fellowships in the Americas. 


Education for Memory and the Continuing Struggle for Justice and Human Rights in Argentina - The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Linea Fundadora, Buenos Aires - Wendi Adelson ’01 (1999)

A Outsider Welcomed in: Examining the Intersections of Trust in Argentina's Public Mental Health Care System and in Everyday Encounters - Local communnity health center, Buenos Aires - Regina Roberg '17 (2015)

Costa Rica:

Teaching Nonviolence in Costa Rican Schools - Center for Peace Studies (CEPPA), San Jose - Calliope Desenberg ’12 (2011)


La Loma: Community and Education in a Rural Andean Village – World Teach, Andean village - Christopher Lau ’12 (2010)

Amazon Worlds Museum: An Experiment in Cultural Tourism and Sustainable Development in the Upper Ecuadorian Amazon – Internship with Fundacion Sinchi Sacha and Union Huacamayos, near Tena – Ben Singerman ’99 (1998)


Grenada's Children: Educational Development on a Caribbean Island – Grenada Education and Development Programme (GRENED), Grenville – Karen Hovav ’00 (1999)

Grenada: Memory Moving Forward - Grenada Education and Development Programme (GRENED), Grenville - Tova Neugut '01 (2000)


¡El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido! The People United Will Never Be Defeated! - Union de Trabajadores de Quetzaltenango (UTQ), Quetzaltenango - Rachel Kleinbaum ’08 (2007)

Caminando con el Commandante: Experiencing Development and “la mistica” in Guatemala - La Fundación Turcios Lima, Mazatenango - Paul Adler ’04 (2003)

Learning on La Finca: Learning on La Finca: Community Development from the Bottom Up - La Fundación Turcios Lima, Mazatenango - Xiomara Gonzalez ’05 (2003)

Existence and Coexistence: Class Strata and Coexistence - Celas Maya, Quetzaltenango - George Okrah, ’03 (2002)


Jamaica – No Problem – Students Expressing Truth (SET), Kingston - Lisa Hanania ’11 (2009)


Autonomy, Representation and Lekil Kuxlejal in Highland Chiapas – Chiapas - Daniel Duffy ’07 (2006)


Closed Doors and False Hope: A Critique of Medical Aid Provided by America-Run Organizations in the Sacred Valley – ProPerus, Cusco - Kathleen Rees ’10 (2009)

The United States of America:

Changing Perceptions of Mental Health: Reflections on my Community - Pro Bono Counseling Project, Baltimore, Maryland - Mrudula Gadgil '18 (2017)

A Call to Community: An Honest Conversation on Race, Reconciliation, and Responsibility – Internship with Interfaith Action for Royal Justice, Inc., Baltimore – Liora J. Cobin ’99 (1998)

A Center of Their Own - Center for Young Women's Health at Boston Children's Hospital, Boston - Shaoleen Khaled '16 (2015)

Deconstructing Assumptions: A Journey of Discovery and Growth - Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH), Boston - Jennifer Almodovar Jimenez '18 (2016)

Fear of Getting Involved in Coexistence Groups – Parent’s Circle, Boston - Ayham Bahnassi (2003)

A Plaza into Eternity, or One Step Closer To Self-Discovery - Jewish Vocational Services, Boston, MA -  Zeynep Ece Esikara '19 (2017)

"Nolo Contendere": A Summer Inside New York's Innocence Movement - Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice, Bronx, NY - Max Gould '18 (2017)

Rethinking Disability: Value in Human Difference - Children’s Association for Maximum Potential (CAMP), Center Point, Texas - Sarah Michael ’12 (2011)

Action and Growth Among Youth in the Inner City: Action and Growth Among Youth in the Inner City: Learning How to Grow and Thrive Through Adversity – Roca, Chelsea and Rever, MA - Susan Ulrich ’03 (2002)

Envisioning the World as it Should Be: Jewish Community Organizing Across Identities in Chicago - Jewish Council on Urban Affairs, Chicago, IL - Leah Susman '18 (2017)

The Web of the Environment - Housatonic Valley Association, Cornwall Bridge, CT - Wilkins Lugo '17 (2015)

Rolling Wave or Raging Fire? Clashing Activism from the Second to Fourth Waves of Feminism - Feminist Majority Foundation, Los Angeles, CA - Ariella Assouline '17 (2015)

Fighting for Choice: Navigating the Streets and Politics of New York City – NARAL Pro-Choice New York, New York City - Hailey Magee ’15 (2014)

Stars in the Sky: Race, Class, and Security in Randleman, North Carolina - Victory Junction Gang Camp (VJGC), Randleman, NC - Ramon de Jesus ’08 (2007)

A Journey Close to Home: Natural Settings and Local Communities - Rockland Conservation & Service Corps, Rockland County, New York - Jake Greenberg '18 (2016)

Believe: Balancing Hope and Power at the U.S. Department of Education - United States Department of Education, Washington, D.C. - Sneha Walia ’15 (2014)

The "Right" Medicine - UMass Memorial Medical Center, Worcester, MA - Gabriel T. Verzino '10 (2009)