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Yael Jaffe '18 interned with the Yerushalmit Movement in Jerusalem.

Yael Jaffe '18 interned with the Yerushalmit Movement in Jerusalem.

Many Sorensen Fellows have chosen internships in Australia and Asia and have documented their experiences in their essays. Their internship locations are diverse, from Sri Lanka to Mumbai to the Gaza Strip.

Sorensen Fellowships in Australia:

Performance for a Change by William Chalmus ’07 (2006)

Sorensen Fellowships in Asia:


An Inquiry into Poverty Alleviation: Rural Credit in the Northern Areas of Pakistan - Internship with Aga Khan Rural Support Programme, Skardu -Syed Nageeb Mustafa Ali ’99 (1998)


Picasso in Phnom Penh: Can Western Arts Help Heal a Nation? - Reyum Arts Center, Phnom Penh - Dan Ludevig ’06 (2004)

Modern Missionairies in Cambodia: When Does Activism Become the New Imperialism? - Womyn's Agenda for Change, Phnom Penh - Joshua Russell ’06 (2004)


Becoming Chinese Feminists: Power, Communities and Challenges - Media Monitor for Women Network, Beijing - Anni Long '16 (2015)

Through a Lens: The Insider-Outsider Conundrum that NGOs Face Working in Beijing, China – International Bridges to Justice, Beijing - Angela Tse ’08 (2008)

Claiming Half the Sky: Understanding Women - Centered Development in China - United Nationals Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), Beijing - Devika Mahadevan ’00 (1999)

East Timor:

A Cure for Poverty: A Profile of Community-Based Healthcare -Bairo Pite Clinic, Dili - Piyawat “Paul” Sukijthamapan ’13 (2011)


“Don’t Forget Me, Sir”: Reflections on “Development” in Hubli, India - Deshpande Foundation, Hubli -Shane Weitzman ’16 (2014)

Confronting Community: The Complexities of Slum Life in Mumbai - Parivartan Shikshan Sanstha, Mumbai - Kayla Dinces ’12 (2010)

A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee – Bangalore - Kelsey Grab ’12 (2010)

Expectations – Mumbai - Hannah Janoowalla ’10(2008)

Coercion and Conversion: The Organic Farming Movement in Maharashtra, India - Maharashtra Organic Farming Federation (MOFF), Maharashtra - Neena Pathak ’08 (2007)

Learning the Self and Others with the Dharma - Fo Guang Shan Buddhist Temple, New Delhi - Brandon Tran '18 (2016)


The Merging of Times: Palestinian Refugee Identity Within the West Bank - Andrea Verdeja ’14 (2012)

Giving Voice – Hotline for Migrant Workers, Tel Aviv - Shani Rosenbaum ’12 (2011)

Reality and Reckoning: The Sanctity of Humanity in the Occupied Territories -Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), Jerusalem - Elizabeth Bowman ’10 (2009)

Live and Become –Tebeka, Tel Aviv - Judith Simons ’10 (2008)

Bridging the Gap: Dialogue in a Divided Israel – Geshter, Jerusalem - Daniel Weinstein ’02 (2001)

Understanding Jerusalem – Middle East Non-Violence and Democracy (MEND), East Jerusalem - Tamara Beliak ’00 (1999)

Working for Human Rights in the West Bank and Gaza Strip - Internship with B'TSELEM: The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, Jerusalem - Forsan Hussein ’00 (1998)

Learning Again, Learning Anew - Yerushalmit Movement, Jerusalem - Yael Jaffe '18 (2016)

Rawia's Questions - The Jerusalem Youth Chorus, Jerusalem - Sophia Warren '18 (2016)

Re'ut Sadaka, Jaffa - Anna Nguyen ’06 (2005)


Searching for Peace though the Chaos: Peace and Development in Nepal - Aaron Voldman ’09 (2008)

Sri Lanka:

Ice Breakers in Sri Lanka: How Do Grassroots Workshops Stop a Civil War? - AHIMSA, Nugegoda - Lisa Kim ’06 (2004)

Between Hope and Struggle: Dialogue in Sri Lanka and Israel - AHIMSA, Colombo - Marina Pevzner ’04 (2003)

AHIMSA, Colombo - Mai Le ’07 (2005)

Transforming Conflict in a Developing Nation: Challenges and Opportunities - National Peace Council and the Sri Lanka Sewa Lanka Foundation, Colombo - Jocelyn Berger ’03 (2002)

Transforming Conflict in Sri Lanka: Coexistence as a Mean to Sustaining Development -Sewa Lanka Foundation, Colombo - Aran Lavi ’04 (2002)

Reconciling Peace and Justice: Economic Development and Community-Building in Sri Lanka -Sewa Lanka Foundation, Colombo - Jennifer Lewey ’02 (2001)


From Severed Roots: Journeys of Abuse to Empowerment at Thailand’s Wildflower Home – Wildflower Home, Chiang Mai - Sarah Van Buren ’13 (2011)


Meeting Abuelo Rene in Hanoi - The Work Room Four Art Studio, Hanoi - Marcelo Brociner '18 (2016)