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Explore reflections from all of the regions Sorensen Fellows have traveled to for their internships!


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Internships in Europe

While interning in Warsaw Elad Mehl '16 joined a newly founded Jewish soccer organization.

While interning in Warsaw Elad Mehl '16 joined a newly founded Jewish soccer organization.

Many Sorensen Fellows have chosen internships in Europe and have documented their experiences in their essays. Their internship locations are diverse, from Sarajevo, Bosnia to Warsaw, Poland to Northern Ireland.  In their Sorensen Fellowship essays, past and present fellows reflect on their work overseas.


Media and Coexistence in Bosnia - Herzegovina – Soros Media Center, Sarajevo – Keren Ghitis ’01 (1999)


Through the Lens of Birth and Illness: Rediscovering My Native Country -Obstetrics internship at municipal hospital, Blagoevgrad - Damiana Andonova ’15 (2013)

The End of Transition? Information and Democracy on the Brink of Bulgaria’s Accession to the European Union - Access to Information Programme Foundation, Sofia - Josh Rosenthal ’07 (2006)


The Politics of History Education in the Balkans: The Young Generation as Transmitter of Reconciliation - Kokkalis Foundation, Athens and Olympia -Kosmas Kaprinis ’07 (2006)

Northern Ireland:

Identity Troubles: Establishing National Identity in Post-War Northern Ireland - Beyond Skin, Belfast - Rachael Koehler ’13 (2012)

A Nerve Centre in Northern Ireland: Can Music Bring Down the Walls of Derry? - The Nerve Centre, Derry- Patrick Raymond ’05 (2004)

Nerve Centre in Derry, Northern Ireland - Ava Morgenstern ’06 (2005)

Everybody Hurts: Vying for Victimhood in Northern Ireland - FACT (Families Against Crime by Terrorism), Lisburn - Miriam Kingsberg ’03 (2002)

A Personal Peace: Reconciliation on an Individual Basis for the Children and Families of Northern Ireland – Corrymeela Community Centre, Ballycastle - Maryanne Cullinan ’02 (2001)

The Peace & Reconciliation Group in Derry, Northern Ireland - Julia Resnitsky ’07 (2005)

Northern Ireland: Trauma and the Path Toward Healing in Rural and Urban Communities - Corrymeela Community Centre, Ballycastle - Sarah-Bess Dworin ’01 (2000)

Creative Ways to Reconciliation and Coexistence Creative Ways to Reconciliation and Coexistence in Northern Ireland and Beyond –Rural Community Network, Cookstown - Sophia Moon ’02 (2000)

The Corrymeela Community - Corrymeela Community Centre, Ballycastle - Andrew Slack ’02 (2000)


One Foot in Each Door - The National Center for Minority Health Research, Oslo - Tove Olaussen Freeman '16 (2015)


Polin – When Past Meets Present – Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Warsaw - Elad Mehl ’16 (2014)


Ethnic Conflict and Human Rights in the Former Yugoslavia – Internship with the Center for Anti War Action, Belgrade – Ariele Cohen ’99 (1998)