2020 Learning Exchanges


Imagining Together/Acting Together

April 22-23

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Following the Imagining Together/Acting Together virtual Learning Exchange in April 2020, IMPACT coordinated a participatory, multi-stage process of summarizing the Learning Exchange. Each of fourteen discussion boards (seven in English, seven in Spanish) were summarized by a diverse group from Argentina, Iran, New Zealand, Serbia, Switzerland, and the USA. The authors of the English and Spanish summaries on the same topics compared their summaries. After that, the group met together to reflect on the experience and to think together creatively about possible report(s) that can come out of the summaries and in which media formats they might be shared.

Read the summaries of the English discussion boards:


Resistance | Rehumanization | Reconciliation | Re-enchantment | ACCT Connections and Reflections: Coronavirus | The Power of the ACCT Ecosystem | Creative Spaces



Lea los resúmenes del panel de intercambio en español:

Resistencia | Re-humanización  |Reconciliación |Re-encantamiento | CoronavirusEl poder del Ecosistema ACTC | Espacio Creativo