Peacebuilding and the Arts



IMPACT is a diverse global network transforming conflict through arts and creativity. It was housed at the Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts between 2017 and 2022, at which time IMPACT launched as an independent global non-profit organization, by merging with a small, Massachusetts-based NGO, ReCAST, Inc. 

Currently, IMPACT is a non-profit, registered in Massachusetts, and governed by a diverse Board of Directors:

  • Ana Cabria Mellace (Argentina), lawyer, mediator and facilitator; Co-director of the Fundación Democrático
  • Bonface Beti (Kenya), specialist in theatre-based interventions with grassroots communities to transform conflict; 
  • Dijana Milosevic (Serbia), award-winning theatre director, member of IMPACT’s previous Leadership Circle; 
  • Lee Perlman (Israel/USA), author, educator, researcher focusing on theatre and social change in divided societies; previously, board chair of ReCAST, inc., and member of IMPACT’s executive committee; Associate, International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life, Brandeis University
  • Kyoko Okumoto (Japan), Professor of Peace Studies, Conflict Transformation and English literature at Osaka Jogakuin University, and leader of the Northeast Asia Regional Peacebuilding Institute
  • Nancy Cole (USA), founding member of ReCAST, Inc, where she served as board secretary and treasurer; senior strategist for corporate campaign of the  Energy Program at Union of Concerned Scientists, 
  • Rosanna Lewis (Belgium), senior programme manager, culture and development, British Council. 

The Board maintains strong programmatic ties with the Peacebuilding and the Arts Program at Brandeis, working globally, regionally and locally to illuminate and strengthen the field of arts, culture and conflict transformation (ACCT). It works to: 

  • strengthen connectivity among players in the ACCT field, including engaging artists, cultural workers, conflict transformation practitioners, policy-makers and funders in conversation; linking people from different regions of the world; and reaching out to those working in relative isolation, sometimes at considerable risk;
  • build capacity for ethical, effective and sustainable ACCT initiatives; and
  • advocate for the ACCT field, working in collaboration with funders and policy-makers.

IMPACT will be launching its new website soon. Stay tuned!

For questions, contact IMPACT Program Manager Armine Avetisyan