2020 Learning Exchanges


Imagining Together/Acting Together

April 22-23

About 730 actors in acct ecosystem: artists, cultural workers, conflict transformation practitioners, researchers, funders, and policymakers from more than 56 countries explored key concepts of conflict transformation: resistance, re-humanization, reconciliation. In addition, the learning exchange created opportunities for exchange about a framework new to many in the field -- re-enchantment -- and about the pandemic and its effects on the arts, culture and conflict transformation ecosystem. Learn more.

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Creative Responses to Gender-Based Violence in Africa 

September 3-4

Participants from Africa and the global Diaspora, in their own time zones, contributed their thoughts in writing to prompts, questions and each other’s responses regarding arts, activism, indigenous approaches, and care; different ways through which gender-based violence manifests; patriarchy and women’s rights; and complexities of cultural approaches. Learn more.



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