Kim Berman and Daniel Stompie Selibe

South Africa

Kim Berman and Daniel Stompie Selibe work together to document a range of community outreach and development programs that use art processes as a medium for engaging social change in South Africa. The projects vary from education and training, income generating activities, AIDS awareness and responses to communities in trauma.

bermanKim is a printmaker and educator who in 1991 founded the Artist Proof studio, a community-based Art Center for teaching printmaking skills to disadvantaged South Africans who otherwise would not have had access to such opportunities for learning. Artist Proof became the home for some 80 artists to gather, and attend workshops and classes in printmaking, photo processes, bookmaking, papermaking and other techniques. Kim also initiated a paper-making project that is currently sustaining 230 rural women who earn an income from paper products made from the natural biological resources of their regions. 

selibeStompie, the primary facilitator and interviewer on the team, works as an artist, musician and teacher. He speaks seven African languages and has led workshops with people from all walks of life in South Africa. Their documentation explores the complexities of a community-based art institution's efforts to contribute to reconciliation in South Africa.     

Working Paper by Kim Berman: "Artist Proof Studio: A Journey of Reconciliation"

Portfolio by Daniel Stompie Selibe: "Art, Ubuntu, and Reconciliation"