Dining Services Request for Proposals (RFP)

Brandeis’ vision for the transformation of our campus food service program under the next contract beginning in July includes the following components:

  1. Collaboration – Food service staff, while employed by the food service vendor, are now and will continue to be valued members of the Brandeis community.  As such, we expect the food service vendor to foster a collaborative environment that is customer-service oriented with appropriate training while also respectful and supportive of all employees.
  2. Food Excellence – All food served in the dining halls, retail locations, and at catered events will be of high quality, creatively presented, and accurately labeled with respect to allergens.  There will be a sufficient variety of food offerings reflecting our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion of all community members. 
  3. Hospitality – All food service in the dining halls, retail locations, and at catered events will be delivered by engaging the campus community through collaboration, friendly service, and intuitive technology in welcoming and comfortable environments.
  4. Sustainability – At all times, the food service operation will reflect our commitment to social justice, climate action and sustainability, recognizing the full scale of the impact our food service on the global community. Sustainable practices will be our default practices, modeling (and creating new) best practices in, but not limited to, food waste reduction, low carbon menu planning, education, local sourcing, packaging reduction, and social justice.

Vendor Information and Presentation

The university distributed a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the dining services program in December 2021, asking five vendors to issue proposals to us for the administration of the Brandeis dining program beginning in July 2022. The development of the RFP will be based on the results of community-wide conversations, the input of our dining consultants, Innovative Hospitality Solutions, and review by the Dining RFP Steering Committee (including 2 students, 1 faculty, and 7 staff).  

Learn more about the participating dining services vendors!

Dining Services RFP Process Summary

  • Collect Community Input
  • Prepare RFP
  • Issue RFP
  • Review Proposals
  • Community Vendor Presentations
  • Negotiate with and Select a Vendor
  • Award Contract

The Timeline

Date Action
Mid-September through Late November Community Member Interviews, Key Stakeholder Meetings, Data Collection, and Visioning and Capability Sessions with potential vendors
Late October through Mid-November RFP Development
Mid-November Issue RFP to Select Bidders
Late November Bidders Visit Campus
Early January Proposals Due and Reviewed
Late February-Early March Bidder Presentations (to the Brandeis Community)
Late March Award of Contract - Letter of Intent
Early April Contract negotiation
Early June Contract Signed
July 1, 2022 New Contract Commences