Facilities Services

Key Request Information

Brandeis University is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students, faculty, staff, visitors, and guests. Brandeis takes seriously its responsibility to maintain key access control of campus buildings and properties. The University strives to achieve appropriate physical security while providing efficient and convenient authorized access.

This process will serve as the framework by which keys to University buildings will be issued, monitored, maintained, and audited. It is intended to allow the University to establish a recorded chain of custody for all keys issued.

Students must contact Department of Community Living (DCL) for key replacement.

If you lose your key, you should immediately notify Public Safety at 781-736-5000 and then complete the Lost Key Form.

All keys remain the property of Brandeis University and may not be copied or transferred to any other employee.

Key Fees

Fees related to keys can only be charged to Departments, not individuals. However, individuals may be charged through their own Departments’ procedures for any key-related costs.

Key Audits

 As part of our commitment to ensure we maintain key control, we will be conducting a key audit once a year. We will be contacting your primary building representative on the month of your audit to make needed arrangements. Key Audit Schedule

Super Users

Super users are individuals in Departments that have been identified by Facilities Services as having an approved department key program. These Departments will have one point of contact Facilities uses to issue and track keys to/from. A couple of examples of Super Users are DCL and Public Safety. Learn more about Super Users (pdf).