Facilities Services

How to Create a Service Request

For Maintenance Emergencies

Please call the Facilities Work Management Line directly at 781-736-8500.

A maintenance emergency is any situation that if not responded to immediately will result in a threat to life, safety or health of any person, or will pose a significant and immediate threat to buildings, utilities or grounds that would have a significant impact on the university mission.

For All Other Issues Related to Operations and Maintenance or Campus Services

Please use our online Maximo work management system to initiate a work or service request.

It allows for:

  • Immediate dispatch of your detailed service request to the appropriate supervisor;

  • Proper prioritization of all requests coming into Facilities;

  • Email notifications to online requestors to confirm receipt of request and status changes;

  • Viewing and tracking all of your service requests on one screen.

Submit service request

How to Use the Online System

  • Instructions re: how to use the online system (pdf)

  • Instructions can also be found on the first page after you login to the system (in the red text at the top of the screen)

  • For further assistance, call the Repair Line (781-736-8500), and we will be happy to walk you through the online process.

Fire Alarm Work Request Form

To submit a fire alarm work request, please fill out the Fire Alarm Work form and include it with a service request.