Facilities Services

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Facilities Services welcomes feedback and values your opinion.

Upon completion of every service request, an email is sent to the requester. The confirmation email contains a link to our customer satisfaction survey. The intent of the survey is to better understand how we are performing, and most importantly, how we can improve to better meet the needs of the Brandeis community.

We consider Timeliness, Courtesy and Professionalism, Communication and Quality of Work as the four pillars of Customer Service. Your level of satisfaction in all metrics is a direct reflection of our performance.

The data table displays the cumulative average of all responses received.

Metric Average
Timeliness 4.56
Courtesy and Professionalism 4.43
Communication 4.14
Quality 4.75
Overall 4.44

Rating Key

  • Excellent - 5
  • Very Good - 4
  • Good - 3
  • Fair - 2
  • Poor - 1