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  • For emergencies while Maximo is unavailable, call Public Safety at 781-736-5000.
  • For all other requests, please call 781-736-8500 and leave a detailed voice message.

Learn more about types of service requests and typical response times.

In Case of Emergency or Urgent Need

Between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Mon.-Fri.:

  • Call 781-736-8500

Weekends, Holidays and After Hours:

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Our Organization

Facilities is comprised of the following six units: Operations & Maintenance, Campus Services, Design & Construction, Administration & Work Management, Energy Management and Sustainability

The following is a general explanation of Facilities, and the services for which each group is responsible. Each of these groups has a key and specific role in supporting the University's overall mission. These are services for which Facilities is staffed and funded.

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Operations and Maintenance
  • HVAC (Heating, ventilation, cooling, boilers, air compressors, vacuum pumps, building automation systems). Download the University indoor air temperature policy (pdf).

  • Electric (Lighting, power supply, generators and fire alarm systems)

  • Plumbing (Water pipes, drain lines, sewer lines, toilets, sinks and showers)

  • Elevators/Lifts (Elevators, wheelchair lifts and dumbwaiters)

  • Carpentry (Repairs to wooden structures, furnishings, doors, windows, handrails, and cabinets)

  • Locks and Keys (Installation and/or repairs to locks, door handles, and lock sets on new or existing doors; key replacement and core changes, seasonal lock changes) hard key systems only

Campus Services (Custodial and Grounds)

Campus Services - Custodial

Facilities is responsible for maintaining the appearance and cleanliness of 100 academic and residential buildings, as well as managing the custodial care of all academic, administrative and residential areas. We clean and sanitize bathrooms, refill toilet paper, paper towels and soap, clean and vacuum classrooms and offices, and empty and maintain all recycling and trash receptacles inside the buildings throughout campus. Read more details about specific custodial tasks.

  • Scheduled cleaning in 96 buildings

  • Emergency clean-up response

  • Trash and recycling removal from buildings

  • Furniture replacements/moves in residence halls

  • Scheduling custodial coverage for University events

  • Graffiti removal

  • Coordination of pest management services inside the buildings throughout campus. 

Read more details including daily cleaning schedules (pdf).

Please note that any area designated as a student responsibility will not be cleaned by Facilities. For more information, please see Community Living.

Campus Services - Grounds

Facilities is responsible for all new landscape installations as well as the constant care and maintenance of campus trees, flowers, shrubs and lawns. We keep all walkways and outdoor areas clean and remove litter, and we remove all snow and ice from campus sidewalks, parking lots and roads using salting and sanding.

In our effort to be more environmentally friendly, we have reduced the use of pesticides through Integrated Pest Management techniques and the planting of naturally disease- and pest-resistant tree and shrub varieties. We also collaborate with students in the “Greening the Ivory Tower” course to plant blueberry bushes and other native species to create protective buffer zones around the Chapels Field and Sachar Woods wetlands. 

  • Mowing, trimming, irrigation, pruning and weeding

  • New landscape installations

  • Care and maintenance of campus trees, flowers, shrubs and lawns

  • Keeping walkways and outdoor areas clear of debris and litter

  • Removal of snow and ice from campus sidewalks, parking lots and roads

  • Heavy equipment movement

  • Electronics recycling

  • Wildlife (squirrels, raccoons, birds and snakes): In the case of wildlife (squirrels, raccoons, birds and snakes) inside a building a call should be place for immediate response to our work order line (781-736-8500) or to campus police (781-736-5000) during off business hours.

Read more details including seasonal duty schedules (pdf).

Pest Control

Facilities is responsible for pest management of ants, bees, mice, spiders and all other crawling or flying insects inside the buildings throughout campus. Concerns regarding methods of extermination can be discussed with our technician upon request. Days of technician services are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Read more about the Brandeis Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.

Administration and Work Management
  • Facilities service requests (Intake, dispatch, prioritization and assignment)

  • Customer service (Follow-up on service requests, issue escalation and resolution)

  • Service Performance Monitoring (Data analytics/Key Performance Indicators [KPIs]; surveys)

  • Finance (Budget development/tracking, AP, procurement, payroll processing)

  • Stock Room and Inventory Management

  • General Administrative (HR, business IT support, website maintenance, contract administration, policy/procedure documentation)

Learn more about Service Request Work Management

Design and Construction

Design & Construction is responsible for comprehensive project management, which includes strategic planning, consultant selection, design process coordination and oversight for all construction at Brandeis. This includes representation of campus interests in the operation and administration of major construction, delivered through multiple project delivery methods.

Design and project personnel are involved in: 

  • Ground up construction

  • Interior renovations

  • Building alterations

  • Upgrades to major building systems, equipment and campus infrastructure

  • Construction document review at each project phase

  • Coordination of design review and construction meetings

  • Communication of construction events and issues to the campus community

  • Project close-out including training and documentation

  • Management of construction and manufacturer warranty documents and coordination of work under warranty

All inquiries regarding projects or Design & Construction services (including alterations of campus landscape or hardscape from its original configuration, condition or location) should be directed to the Associate Director, Design & Construction at 781-736-5102.

Energy Management

The University Energy Manager works closely with the Sustainability Manager, Facilities Services and campus staff to ensure that all utilities needed to support operations are reliably and efficiently provided.

The Energy Manager oversees and/or is involved in:

  • Development and implementation of energy conservation Initiatives to help reduce the University's carbon footprint

  • Overall campus utilities management, including heating, air conditioning, lighting, plumbing, electrical systems, and domestic water

  • Utilization of an energy supply consultant to ensure the university is getting reliable and lowest cost energy supplies

  • Major utilities maintenance and repair


Brandeis's campus sustainability program - Sustainable Brandeis - manages the following programs within Facilities Services:

  • Energy Conservation and Management Policy - Outlines operational standards for buildings that Facilities Services will follow, as well as building occupant responsibilities, with regard to energy conservation and Brandeis' Climate Action Plan.

  • Turn It Off Program - Every year, we call on the campus community to participate in our "Turn It Off" days. The Brandeis community will be notified via email alert and signage that announces a "Turn it Off" day.

  • Waste Reduction and Management - Brandeis is committed to recycling and composting to the greatest extent possible, while reducing overall waste on campus.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - Brandeis maintains electric vehicle charging stations. Damage to these stations should be reported to Facilities Services.

  • Commuting Programs - Sustainable Brandeis offers the Commute Green program for faculty, staff and students which includes preferential parking for carpools on campus.