Work Standard

Facilities utilizes a general Work Standard to help differentiate between certain types of repairs that are considered normal wear and tear and those that will incur a fee. Some examples are included below. Please dial x68500 with any questions. 

  • Facilities Services uses a campus standard color palette and paint manufacturer. All painting work, funded through Facilities Services or fee based, must come through Facilities Services. No self-painting is allowed.
  • Facilities Services will normally fund painting to repair damage from building faults.
  • New users, after prior long term occupancy, can request painting through Facilities Services.
  • Departments shall be responsible for funding selective aesthetic painting requests and must also fund returning area to a neutral campus standard. Facilities Services retains the right to final decision on colors but will collaborate with customers.
  • Flooring replacement is always subject to budget and Facilities Services will prioritize work to address safety issues first.
  • Facilities Services will normally abate any hazardous material during any flooring replacement, however departments may have to fund this if the replacement was requested.
  • Window treatments: Facilities Services will replace nonfunctional or unsafe treatments. All window treatments must adhere to campus standard.
  • Window washing is generally performed on all building exterior windows on a rotating basis every five (5) years.