The Framework for the Future

The Creation of the Framework for the Future

The Framework for the Future is the result of more than three years of broad consultations with focus groups that included faculty, staff, students, prospective students, parents, alumni, and the Board of Trustees. It is also based on responses from multiple alumni surveys, information from 30 “self-refection” documents written by faculty and administrators, and the work of four task forces composed of 11 working groups, which forwarded for consideration more than 250 recommendations made by university committees, administrative offices, and individual schools.

The Framework for the Future document does not include many of the recommendations that came out of the task force report, but instead, offers some overarching themes that require our attention most urgently as we seek to plan and advance Brandeis’ future.

And, while the Framework provides guidance on how we will pursue many initiatives, its purpose is not to identify all the university’s plans, strengths, and achievements. Instead, it outlines a series of strategic initiatives and investments, especially in the areas where we have under-invested over the years, which will allow us to build a stronger Brandeis over the next several years.

“Brandeis will be known as a place that offers students a vibrant and dynamic approach to a wide range of human pursuits — a place where conventions are challenged. It will be a place that remains true to its motto, 'Truth, Even Unto Its Innermost Parts.'”

Ronald D. Liebowitz