Brandeis International Business School

Sohini Mohan, MSF'17

Economist Intern, RISI - Bedford, MA
“My summer internship with RISI was a blessing! I secured the role in the winter through the Brandeis International Business School HandShake portal. RISI's work in statistical modeling and forecasting gave me the exposure that I was looking for in the field of data analytics. It was interesting to see models that I had built in the classroom come to life in the real world. I am certain that this experience will go far in shaping my career.”

Nuria Jordana Llorens, MA'17

Treasury Funding Intern, Santander Bank - Boston, MA
“Networking and informational interviews helped me get this internship. I met a Brandeis alumnus at a school networking event, and he eventually became my contact at the company. At Santander's Treasury Funding desk, I learned about the internal workings of a bank and what drives its profitability. My experience with Bloomberg and Excel softwares helped me keep up with my work, and knowledge from courses such as Accounting and Financial Modeling were equally helpful on the job. I had an amazing summer, not only because of the internship and valuable work, but also because of the welcoming and smart professional with whom I got to work.”

Diana Litchi, MBA'16

Product Management and Public Relations Internships, iXperience/Jo-Ann Strauss - Cape Town, South Africa
“Working for iXperience and with Jo-Ann Strauss in Cape Town was a unique experience. I simultaneously worked as a product manager for various startup companies and as a public relations manager for Jo-Ann (Miss South Africa). These summer experiences were great opportunities to learn how to manage a team of software app engineers, designers, economists, web developers and data scientists. I developed a good sense of how to be a smart manager and of what needs to be done at a startup in order to succeed in the business world.”

Yidan He, MSF'17

Summer Analyst, Leveraged & Acquisition Finance, Capital Financing Department, HSBC Bank PLC - Hong Kong
“My internship program included one week of professional training and nine weeks of work experience on the leverage and acquisition finance team at HSBC. I was enrolled in the $3.5bn finance deal provided to Tencent-led consortium's $7.8bn acquisition of Supercell, and followed the deal from the beginning to syndicate state, going through both internal and external approval processes. I took part in due-diligence, built LBO models and drafted credit briefings, final credit papers and bank presentations.”

Yue Wang, MSF'17

Investment Banking Summer Intern, Xingye Security - Shanghai, China
“During my 10-week internship program, I participated in two projects: an IPO for a high-end mechanical spring company, and a subsequent offering for a chemical company. I prepared industry research and due-diligence reports and moreover, I learned to audit IPO financials for accuracy, transparency and regulation compliance. I also assisted with stock price valuation by analyzing the annual financial reports and establishing a price model. These opportunities taught me practical skills in my primary career market.”

Aris Hambardzumyan, MBA'17

Marketing Intern, Swoop - Cambridge, MA
“I obtained my internship through a Brandeis International Business School alumnus who is currently the Marketing VP at Swoop, a search advertisement company. My first project involved data research and visualization that wound up being published in Motor Trend magazine, which was a company victory for publishing research in such a high-level magazine. I worked on sales materials with the CEO, launched Google AdWords campaigns, analyzed and created web performance reports and more. None of this would have been possible without the encouragement, help and advice from the Career Strategies team, who gave me the confidence and inspiration needed to find an internship and succeed in the workplace.”