Brandeis International Business School

In 2019, 137 students successfully completed 35 consulting field projects. They tackled business problems requiring them to research, analyze and provide recommendations in areas including customer acquisition strategy, market penetration analysis, business model assessments, evaluation of financial strategies, valuations and more.

Fincura, a MassChallenge Fintech Inaugural Program participant, helps businesses grow by enabling banks to make faster and smarter commercial lending decisions. Their machine learning & AI technologies digitize repetitive manual processes behind corporate lending. Through their advanced automation, they are building the world’s most detailed database of anonymized private company financial data, giving Fincura the power to optimize the underwriting process for customers with risk analysis, pattern matching and anomaly detection.

The spring 2019 student field project team utilized their expertise in financial data research, competitor research, financial modeling, product pricing analysis and data analysis. Students delivered a final presentation and report outlining their recommendations and opportunities within different lending segments Fincura could pursue.

"The research and insight provided by the Brandeis field project team was highly valuable in helping us perform market research in different lending segments. We look forward to leveraging students for additional field projects in the future."
— Cody Putre, Fincura co-founder and COO

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Dice is an events logistics and office catering platform which aims to reduce the amount of time people spend in planning for a catered event. It curates menus from the local area's top rated caterers and restaurants that are designed around the clients' price point, number of attendees and menu preferences. Through the Dice platform, users reduce work time wasted sourcing the right menu, negotiating with vendors and planning logistics.

Strategic Marketing Growth and User Acquisition Project spring 2019: Students worked with Dice to understand their business goals and marketing efforts to date. They researched and analyzed competitors in their space, target consumers, gained insights to Dice user behavior, developed insights shared with their partner in their final presentation and delivered a suggested strategic marketing plan with a focus on brand visibility and user acquisition growth. 

"The students were well-organized in their execution. They performed research on our competitors to understand how Dice can be further differentiated. They applied what they learn to designing and setting up social media platforms for different sales channels. They were communicative with changes they would want Dice to execute in the future for wider user acquisition." 
— Jeffrey Ho, co-founder and Chief Logistics Officer at Dice

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ForwardLane (MassChallenge Fintech Inaugural Program participant) is a leading AI fintech startup that supercharges financial professionals with powerful personalized insights for their clients. Their patent-pending FLAIR platform automatically surfaces actionable insights from structured and unstructured data, enabling users to beat information overload. Data-driven signals provide reasons to engage with clients, along with relevant content to accelerate sales, advisory and distribution.

Market Analysis of an AI Platform for Wealth Managers Field Project spring 2019 Students gained experience in investment deck research and analysis, gained understanding of investor expectations related to investment pitch deck, executed Fintech market analysis, competitor analysis and more to inform their recommendations for successful strategic growth options.

"The conduct of the student team, their depth of research and fast pace was truly exemplary. I was impressed by how much work the student team put into the project and the quality of results achieved. Their ability to learn and adapt to this iterative approach of engagement is a testimony to the student’s commitment, to Professor Abdurezak’s guidance, and Brandeis International Business School. A very high standard of expertise, studies and concentration, which I think, is very well aligned with the real world."
—Nathan Stevenson, CEO & founder of ForwardLane

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State Street Global Exchange (SSGX) offers proprietary data, investment analytics, data management, portfolio modeling, and electronic trading and clearing, among other services. SSGX introduced the Quantextual Idea Lab as part of the next generation of intelligent client solutions. This solution helps clients synthesize research to fuel effective investment strategies.

The 2018 Brandeis International Business School project focused on crypto currency, which examines the application of distributed ledger technology (DLT) and the blockchain to finance. Two projects in 2017 focused on fluctuating interest rates and asset returns. One project conducted a quantitative analysis, while the other project entailed a literature review, literature scan and editorial commentary.

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Kensho Technologies is a machine learning and data analytics firm backed by Google Ventures, Goldman Sachs and In-Q-Tel and was one of the World Economic Forum’s Tech Pioneers for 2016. It was acquired by S&P Global in March 2018.

Brandeis International Business School students were broken up into two teams and challenged to observe macroeconomic data from two different perspectives. Both teams observed separate temporary fluctuations in data from early signals that fundamental relationships, equations or governing principles in a given economy are changing in more substantial terms.

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Monotote’s e-commerce platform allows viewers of inspirational content to directly purchase showcased products from pictures and video, without redirection away from a retailer’s site, in real time, via a universal shopping cart. The Brandeis International Business School student project provided recommendations for strategic growth and success and involved e-commerce market research, data analysis and financial analysis.

“I was impressed with the way that the Brandeis International Business School students brought both creative and analytical thinking to their research. The university staff did an excellent job of supporting and guiding the students, ensuring their final project was of the highest standard.”
—Michael van Geldorp, Monotote founder & CEO

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In 2018, the Brandeis International Business School student team prepared a pricing model for Armored Things services that was unique to potential clients based on university budgets (public safety specific or otherwise) and the number of enrolled students.

“Armored Things appreciated the dedication and output from the Brandeis student field study team on market sizing and segmentation. Professor Dan Bergstresser assembled a great group for us. It was helpful in our quest to keep university campuses safer with technology.”
—Charles Curran, co-founder and CEO of Armored Things

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Klarity is building an A.I. contract lawyer that can read incoming NDAs, sales and vendor contracts to tell enterprise users if they can sign right away or need to approve a contract redline first. Customers sign deals faster, increase compliance and free up their lawyers’ time to work on more important things.

“Working with the Brandeis team was a dream. The team was asking relevant questions and delivered all results in business-friendly manner.”
—Andrew Antos, founder and CEO of Klarity