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Asset Management: Evaluating Investment Opportunities

Asset management is concerned with evaluating the investment opportunities and risks of any financial asset or asset class in relation to stated investment objectives, and in implementing both strategic and tactical approaches to portfolio management.

Professionals operating in the asset management field are expected to have a detailed understanding of the security universes in which they operate, and to be able to blend quantitative tools and sound qualitative judgment to make investment decisions in both selecting and managing global investment portfolios.

Students in the Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program can declare a concentration in asset management to focus their studies and career opportunities in that field. 

Careers in Asset Management

MSF students who declare this concentration often go on to careers with hedge funds, investment management firms and global banks. Sample employers include BlackRock, Deutsch Bank, BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs and State Street Global Advisors (SSGA).

The best part of the job is that I don’t have set “day-to-day” responsibilities

Pia McCusker, MSF '00

"In 2008 alone, I had to visit clients in South Africa, Australia, UK, Spain, France, South Korea, and Slovenia."

Concentration Requirements

A total of 18 credits is required to complete the MSF concentration in Asset Management. 

Group 1 - Required Course (4 credits)

FIN 263a International Portfolio Management (4 credits)

Group 2 - 8 Credits Minimum Required

Bus 211f Analyzing Big Data (2 credits)
FIN 218f Portfolio Financial Modeling (2 credits)
FIN 230a Trading and Exchanges (4 credits)
FIN 237f Security Analysis (2 credits)
FIN 242f Credit Risk Analysis (2 credits)
FIN 252f Banking, Central Banking, and the International Finance System (2 credits)
FIN 271a Options and Derivatives II (4 credits)

Group 3 - 4 Credits Maximum

BUS 212a Analyzing Big Data II (4 credits)
FIN 231f Private Equity (2 credits)
FIN 232a Mergers and Acquisitions (4 credits)
FIN 236f Technical Analysis (2 credits)
FIN 240a Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance (4 credits)
FIN 244f Credit Risk Analysis II (2 credits)
FIN 285a Computer Simulation and Risk (4 credits)
Or any course in group 2 not used to satisfy that requirement.

Group 4 - Additional Finance/General Elective (2 credits maximum)

FIN 297a - Approved Internship in Asset Management (2 credits)
Or any FIN, BUS or ECON course offered at Brandeis IBS, including but not limited to those listed above if not used to fulfill that requirement.

Meet Our Faculty

From Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer of a major bank to a Senior Investment Officer and Director of Hedge Funds and Low Volatility Strategies for the Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management Board overseeing $6B in investments, you can be assured you're learning asset and investment management from some of the top professionals in the field.