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The FinTech concentration develops expertise in predictive analytics and programming applications for quantitative risk management, financial forecasting, corporate innovation and financial modeling. Students concentrating in FinTech will graduate with the financial and applied programming skills to manage and apply innovative technology in the financial services industry.

FinTech report: Brandeis International Business School a global leader

Master of Science in Finance (MSF) highlighted as universities worldwide adapt to financial technology disruption

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Succeed in a Growing Field

Financial technology transforms business and disrupts business practices through innovations that will undoubtedly shape the nature and boundaries of firms in the coming years. It affects both established firms and startups as we move rapidly to a digitized and data-intensive world.

The FinTech concentration teaches the ability to think outside the world of structured financial data by incorporating insights from unstructured data, predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (A.I.) to drive new financial thinking and processes that deliver innovative financial products and strategies for long term productivity improvements and economic growth.

Faculty Spotlight: Stephen Cecchetti

Professor Stephen G. Cecchetti is a renowned expert in monetary policy and financial regulation. He served as chief economist at the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and chief economist at the Federal Reserve of New York.

Cecchetti is currently affiliated with the National Bureau of Economic Research and coauthors a blog on finance and economics. He will teach FIN 254a: Modern Finance, FinTech and Beyond.


To complete the FinTech concentration, students will take courses as below. Declaration of the FinTech concentration will be done in consultation with your program advisor and program director and will take into account your coding skills and performance in the Python course. Please note that students must enroll in the 16-month MSF program to select a concentration.

Group 1: Required Courses (10 credits)
  • FIN 215f – Python and Applications to Finance (2 credits) - Fall
  • FIN 252a – Predictive Analytics and Corporate Innovation (4 credits) - Fall
  • FIN 253a – Advanced Quantitative Analysis in Finance (4 credits) - Spring
Group 2 (8 credits maximum)
  • ECON 213a – Econometrics with R (4 credits) - Fall
  • FIN 236f – Technical Analysis (2 credits) - Fall
  • FIN 240a – Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance (4 credits) - Fall
  • FIN 282f - New Frontiers of Finance: From Animal Spirits to Cyber Risk (2 credits) - Fall
  • FIN 285a – Computer Simulation and Risk (4 credits) - Fall & Spring


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