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Students in this concentration learn to develop and apply quantitative models to operational and market risks related to interest rates, credit, currencies and equities. They also learn qualitative risk management approaches that reflect managerial and organizational responses to operational risks, changes in politics and leadership, corporate governance and fraud detection as well as reputation and strategy risk.

Careers in Risk Management

Thomas Reedy

Although careers in risk management have historically been in the financial service sectors, they’ve now widened to encompass many non-financial sectors that increasingly engage in managing currency, commodity and interest rate risks, as well as a host of operational and business risks.

Career Spotlight

Thomas Reedy, MSF '07
John Hancock Financial Services
Associate Vice President

Faculty Spotlight: Robert R. Reitano

Robert R. Reitano is Professor of the Practice in Finance and a consultant in investment strategy and financial risk management. Prior to joining Brandeis, he had a 29-year career at John Hancock/Manulife in asset/liability risk management and investment strategy, advancing to executive vice president and chief investment strategist. Reitano is currently writing a nine-volume reference guide that explains how and why many of the formulas and mathematical assertions in finance work the way they do.

He holds a PhD in mathematics from MIT and has taught at the Wuhan University of Technology School of Economics and the Reykjavik University School of Business.

Concentration Requirements

The MSF concentration in Risk Management requires the completion of 18 credits.

Group 1: Required courses (8 credits)
  • FIN 285a: Computer Simulation and Risk Assessment (4 credits)
  • FIN 279a: Applied Risk Managment (4 credits)
Group 2: 6 credits required
  • BUS 211f: Analyzing Big Data I (2 credits)
  • BUS 212a: Analyzing Big Data II (4 credits)
  • BUS 281f: Cyber Security and Operational Risks (2 credits)
  • FIN 218f: Portfolio Financial Modeling (2 credits)
  • FIN 242f: Credit Risk Analysis I (2 credits)
  • FIN 254a: Modern Finance, FinTech and Beyond (4 credits)
  • FIN 271a: Options and Derivatives II (4 credits)
  • FIN 288a: Corporate Financial Engineering (4 credits)
  • FIN 297a: Approved Internship in Risk Management (2 credits)
Group 3: 4 Credits Required
  • BUS 278f: Corporate Governance (2 credits)
  • BUS 279f: Corporate Fraud: Detection and Prevention (2 credits)
  • FIN 280a: Financial Risk Management (4 credits)


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