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Risk Management: Modeling Operational and Market Risks


The Risk Management concentration encompasses the development and application of quantitative models to operational risks, as well as various market risks: commodity, interest rate, credit, currency and equity. This concentration also encompasses the more qualitative risk management approaches which reflect managerial and organizational responses to operational risks, corporate governance, and fraud detection, as well as reputation and strategy risk. The Brandeis IBS MSF program is a partner program of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). 

Careers in Risk Management

Career tracks in risk management historically spanned the financial service sectors, but have increased today to encompass most non-financial sectors which increasingly engage in managing currency, commodity and interest rate risks as well as a host of operational and business risks. 

Thomas Reedy, MSF '07 Alumni Profile

"Regardless of the Outcome, What You Learn Along the Way is Very Valuable."

Thomas Reedy, MSF '07

Thomas Reedy, MSF ’07, leads one of John Hancock’s asset modeling teams, focused on providing business insights and meeting regulatory requirements.

Concentration Requirements

The MSF concentration in Risk Management requires students to complete 18 credits. 

Group 1 - Required Course (4 credits)

FIN 285a Computer Simulations and Risk Assessment (4 credits)

Group 2 - 4 Credits Required (may only take one)

FIN 279a Applied Risk Management (4 credits)
FIN 288a Corporate Financial Engineering (4 credits)

Group 3 - 6 Credits Required

BUS 211f Analyzing Big Data I (2 credits)
BUS 212a Analyzing Big Data II (4 credits)
BUS 280f Operational Risk Management (2 credits)
FIN 218f Portfolio Financial Modeling (2 credits)
FIN 242f Credit Risk Analysis I (2 credits)
FIN 252f Banking, Central Banking, and International Financial Systems (2 credits)
FIN 271a Options and Derivatives II (4 credits)
FIN 297a Approved Internship in Risk Management (2 credits)

Group 4 - 4 Credits Required

BUS 278f Corporate Governance (2 credits)
BUS 279f Corporate Fraud: Detection and Prevention (2 credits)
FIN 244f Credit Risk Analysis II (2 credits)
FIN 280a Financial Risk Management (4 credits)

Faculty Specializing in Risk Management

From a founder and chief executive officer of a portfolio and risk management consulting firm to the former Executive Vice President of FleetBoston Financial, you can be assured you’re learning Risk Management from some of the top professionals in the field