Brandeis International Business School

Anna Guelzim, MBA’11: A versatile marketing ace

Anna Guelzim MBA '11
Why did you choose to pursue your MBA at Brandeis International Business School?

I grew up in Morocco and lived in several countries throughout Europe where I learned to speak English, French, Polish, Spanish and Arabic. I was drawn to Brandeis for its global focus, rigorous curriculum and diverse student body. My experiences and conversations with peers helped immensely in facilitating discussion with business professionals from across the globe.

What was the most important thing you learned at Brandeis?

While at the International Business School, I challenged myself more than I had ever before. By taking classes outside of my comfort zone for instance, I gained personal confidence in knowing that I can tackle anything I set my mind on. I’ll never forget the lessons I learned at at the business school. It’s important to love what you do and be proud of who you are, and most importantly, to stay true to your values.

Who was your greatest influence at Brandeis?

Professor Grace Zimmerman served as an inspirational figure—both as a business professional and a personal mentor. She encouraged me to embrace challenges and achieve my goals. Her confidence and overall leading demeanor is contagious, setting an example for women aspiring to be successful in business.

Master of Business Administration
Class of 2011

VP for Marketing and Business Development, Clara Williams Co.

Previous experience
Wilson Sporting Goods, adidas Group, Coty, Orvis

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