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Mendsaikhan Dashjil, MBA’15: Bringing global insight home to Mongolia

Mendsaikhan DashjilWhy did you decide to get an MBA?

For 13 years, I worked in private-sector development. I learned many things throughout my career from practical experience, but I noticed that some of my decisions weren’t aligned with the fast-changing business environment. I wanted to sharpen my skills through an MBA program. I focused on Boston-area universities because the location is considered the educational hub of the U.S. The programs at Brandeis International Business School were unique for their flexibility and focus on international students, and my wife and three children and I came to the U.S. so I could complete my MBA there.

What was it like relocating to the other side of the world for you and your family?

Having an understanding of the philosophies and core values of other cultures ultimately makes you comfortable doing business no matter where you’re located. The relocation helped me to pave my road, come out of my comfort zone and understand the real-world scenarios in diverse business cultures. It was a great chance for my family to have a colorful experience in a new environment. Being responsible for my whole family in a new culture wasn’t easy, but it was a priceless part of our lives.

What are your takeaways from Brandeis?

My professors brought insight straight from the field to the classroom, and the curriculum placed a strong emphasis on the relationship between economics, politics and social influences. The opportunities at Brandeis International Business School helped me broaden my network and affected an influential transformation on my practical familiarity with business. Brandeis will turn you into a professional who can knowledgeably succeed in dynamic business settings regardless of where you come from.

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