Brandeis International Business School

Sunny Hong, MBA’19: Making the move to data

Sunny Hong

What prompted you to apply to Brandeis International Business School?

I studied finance at Boston College and went to Korea to work in the transfer pricing practice as a senior manager at KPMG Korea. I decided to apply to Brandeis because I was impressed by the faculty and the opportunity to learn more about transfer pricing. Initially, I was interested in strategy and innovation, but my MBA advisor suggested that I try data analytics classes. It was a new field for me, and I found it so interesting that I made it part of a double concentration for my MBA.

What were some of the things you enjoyed at Brandeis?

I absolutely loved all my classes at Brandeis and all the times outside the classroom as well. I learned about teamwork by making a ton of paper airplanes in the “Influence, Power and Identity” class with Professor Sandra Cha. I was a club president for Adam Smith Society, where I helped members network with other MBAs in New York from all over the U.S. and invited notable authors from HBS and MIT. I also helped set up a new student club called Market Explorer to explore the exchange of ideas on the shapes and forms of market economy and facilitate learning from experts.

Tell us about your internship. 

I found an internship through the personal connection of one of my professors in a boutique management consulting firm in Washington, D.C. for a project related to the reorganization of joint venture management and corporate governance in the oil and gas industry. It was an awesome opportunity that opened my eyes to new career interests including data analytics, strategy and global operations. 

How did your Brandeis experience prepare you for your career?

My Brandeis experiences prepared me well to think critically, work collaboratively and execute strategically with data-focused results.

Master of Business Administration

Job Title
Finance Manager