Brandeis International Business School

Won Suk Lee, MBA’19: Personalized career coaching and a tight-knit community

Won Suk LeeWhy did you choose Brandeis International Business School?

I chose the International Business School because of its tight-knit community. As an international student, I wanted all the support I could get in order to land a job in the United States. Everyone really gets to know you, especially members of the faculty and the staff at the Career Strategies and Engagement Center. My personalized career coaching really helped me feel confident during the job interview process.

How did the MBA program help you land your first job?

With help from one of my professors, I landed a summer internship at Xerox between my first and second year in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. I worked in research and product development and learned a lot about how to assess new product ideas and bring them to market. My employer really appreciated these skills after securing my first full-time job after graduation.

What were the most valuable lessons you learned at Brandeis?

I enjoyed all of my courses at the International Business School and learned so much from professors, colleagues and guest speakers. One of my favorite courses was Alliance, Acquisition and Divestment Strategy. In my field of work, industry analysis is an important skill and everything I learned in this course has been extremely useful in my career. I also worked on several divestiture case studies at Brandeis, which has allowed me to confidently take on divestment assignments for my employer.

What should prospective students know about the International Business School?

Brandeis International Business School is full of people who are willing to help you. Never hesitate to reach out to faculty, staff, classmates or alumni. This is how I landed my summer internship. Everyone is welcoming and invested in your future.

Master of Business Administration

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Strategy Manager