Brandeis International Business School

Alumni-Student Mentoring Program

The Career Strategies Center is proud to connect alumni mentors with current Brandeis IBS students to support and provide strategic guidance for job searches and career goals.

Mentoring at Brandeis IBS works because of its intentionality—the time that both parties invest in the program is crucial to its success and to the creation of a successful professional relationship. Mentors act as role models, using their experiences in the workplace and the larger world to guide our students. They often serve as additional reference sources, enhance students' professional identities, provide personal and professional network connections, and act as a coaches and path-blazers.

Full-School Collaboration

The mentoring program is a full-school collaboration that fortifies the relationship between alumni and students, faculty and staff, academics and career-focused initiatives—all with the goal of enhancing our World Ready community. 

For more information, please contact the Alumni-Student Mentoring Program team at

“My mentor is very helpful and has answered all the questions I've had. He's currently working at Dell/EMC where I'll do my summer internship, so the information he has provided has been very valuable. My mentor has also become a good friend who I continuously consult with.”

Uri Kedem, MBA'18 (2017 intern at Dell/EMC, now Marketing Operations Senior Advisor at Dell Technologies)