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Global Gala 2018

Global Gala highlights diversity at Brandeis International Business School

February 13, 2018

The annual event brings together community in celebration of cultures, fashion, food and dance.

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Brandeis International Business School (IBS) students, faculty and staff gathered together recently to celebrate the traditions, songs, food, dance and poetry from the dozens of countries represented at the school. Also joining the celebration were members of the broader Brandeis family including alumni, colleagues from other divisions such as the Heller School of Social Policy and Management, as well as friends from across the campus and local community.

"The Global Gala celebrates the true cultural depth and diversity of the community—and on those dimensions, the school has no rivals,” Senior Associate Dean Katy Graddy said in her welcome.

Student contributions to the annual event highlighted their desire to celebrate the unique traditions they bring to the Brandeis IBS community. Student leader Yilan Tang MBA ‘18 sang a traditional Chinese evening song “to express my strong love for Brandeis and the school. It’s also a song that I listen to in order to motivate myself,” she said.

Sai Praneeth, MBA ‘18, a Leadership Fellow at the school, performed in two dance segments as well as the concluding fashion show. His first dance had its roots in his native India. In speaking about the second dance, which included the other Leadership Fellows, “we wanted to celebrate our diversity, so we chose three songs in English, French and Spanish,” he said. 

leadership fellows dancing

After a variety of performances representing countries from China to India, Rwanda, Ethiopia and the United States, the evening concluded with a “Taste of the World Dinner” featuring African, American, Mexican, Indian, Chinese, Mediterranean and Thai food. 

The evening, filled with vibrancy, warmth, collegiality and fun, also showcased the collective creative talents of the community, as well as the industriousness and leadership of the students who handled virtually all aspects of planning and producing the event.

“Tonight is one part of being a top-notch business program,” said Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Student Experience Kate Goldfield. “It’s about leadership, and, a key component of leadership is mutual respect and understanding. That’s what this place is all about.”

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