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One student's journey from war-torn Ukraine to Brandeis

Peace Scholarship student Sofiia Tarasiuk, MBA’24 of Kyiv opens up about her harrowing experience at the outset of the Russian invasion

Sofiia Tarasiuk, MBA’24

Sofiia Tarasiuk, MBA’24

Sofiia Tarasiuk, MBA’24 was in her pajamas in her Kyiv dorm room when she learned that war had begun in earnest in Ukraine. She embarked on a harrowing journey to a bomb shelter, then a volunteer posting in Lithuania, and eventually, a classroom at Brandeis International Business School. She shares how she adapted when her life plan went out the window.

The Peace Scholarship Fund

In response to the humanitarian needs caused by the war in Ukraine, Brandeis University has launched a scholarship fund that will support up to 10 students studying at Brandeis International Business School over the next several years.

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