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Association of Latino Professionals for America


The Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) is the largest U.S. professional association building Latino business leaders. The organization, however, is OPEN FOR ANY STUDENT to take benefit from its events and extensive network. Being a member allows you attend local and national ALPFA events and expand your opportunities through professional development programs, networking with top business leaders, scholarship programs, career fairs, social events, seminars, case competitions and more.

The Brandeis IBS Chapter of ALPFA works to promote cultural awareness of Latin culture while offering a network for students regarding professional and academic opportunities in finance. It is the largest student chapter in the northeast region. The Brandeis IBS group won the ALPFA Student Chapter of the Year Award at the 2012 National Convention. The Brandeis IBS ALPFA chapter works closely with the Career Strategies Center, which helps its members become more aware of the career activities at the school.


Juan Sebastian Zuluaga

Vice President, External Relations
Anjum Gulati

Vice President, Operations
He(Nancy) Wang

Vice President, Brand development & Social Networks
Shuai Shao

Vice President, Creation and Strategic Planning
Jiachao Chen

Club Advisor:
Marcia Katz

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