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Brandeis International Business School Student Association


IBSSA group photo.
IBSSA club members Alekh Mehta MSF ‘18, Anmol Vasandani MSF ‘18, Logan Tang MA ‘19 and Hieu (Henry) Nguyen MSF ‘18.


The Brandeis International Business School Student Association (IBSSA) organizes student programs, activities, cultural celebrations, leadership opportunities and civic engagement at Brandeis IBS. 

The IBSSA was established as a means of representing the interests of the student body and as a resource to:

  • Provide a platform for the discussion of student concerns and act as the instrument by which student interests may be voiced to the administration and faculty of the academic programs at Brandeis IBS.
  • Enrich the graduate experience by providing organized student-centered programs, activities and services, which celebrate diversity, promote awareness, and foster leadership, civic engagement and student development.
  • Support other student-run organizations and clubs within Brandeis IBS.

Events and Highlights

We are excited to help guide you in the upcoming academic year. Going forward, our goals include creating a cohesive union of students that transcends international borders and embraces our diversity. 

We hope to achieve this by embracing everyone's individuality such that no student is seen as a product of a country but as a product of their unique experiences, interests and goals. Additionally, we hope to create a medium and opportunities for cultural exchange so that all students can hope to become truly global citizens. 

Lastly, we hope to encourage an environment that creates fun. While every student has come to Brandeis IBS to receive an education, the experience must be both academic and extracurricular. To become well-rounded individuals, students should participate in events outside the classroom in order to build lasting connections and strong social skills. 

We encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Your time at Brandeis IBS is your opportunity to develop who you are and what you hope to achieve.