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International Business Women Leadership and Networking

IBW at Brandeis IBS


IBW LeadershipOne of the most energetic clubs at Brandeis IBS, the International Business Women host a variety of events throughout the school year to promote a vibrant female presence in the business world. IBW focuses on professional development, assessing career opportunities, and providing a platform for fostering lasting relationships for women at Brandeis IBS.

IBW offers workshops, seminars, relationship building and networking with female alumni and other business organizations to develop leadership skills. 

Events and Highlights

In the past academic year, IBW held several meetings with its member and highlighted concerning issues in the work environment for women. Members discussed negotiation tips for women and attended a workshop on seeking fair pay in a strategic way. Sessions were held on professional image management and building a customized professional image in a natural, effective way. 

IBW meetings are very interactive, and provide everyone with the chance to talk directly with guest speakers, share inspirations and start discussions with attendees. In the upcoming academic year, IBW plans to keep its regular meetings and its Lean In circles. Small groups, called circles, will meet to share aspects of their lives and to learn from one another. 

IBW encourages all of its members to step out of their comfort zones and ask for more. It aims to provide a platform for inspired women to unite together, help one another, and pave the way for a brighter future.